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We Need More Tolerance in this World

Almost two decades ago I scored a pretty sweet gig as a glorified wedding singer in Japan. Like many, I was a casualty of the dot-com 1.0 bust and couldn't find a job to save my life. Plus, I just needed a break from the dumpster fire that was San Francisco at that time. Weddings in Japan are a huge business. They often take place on these beautifully curated wedding campuses that are completely self-contained. Chapel. Reception hall. Numerous, beautiful locations for photos.

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Size Doesn't Matter Anymore

I think we've got it Where once it was imperative to have everyone in the same, open space to collaborate, build the culture, and chase the unicorn concept of "team" we've now entered a new era of business where those things are actually achieved in a much different way. And, as knee-jerk unpopular and oxymoronic as it may feel, separation actually breeds togetherness.

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Embracing Low Energy

As we approach deeper into wintertime with shorter days, longer nights, stressful work deadlines, travel and holiday messes, read how your body is responding to the stresses.

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7 Steps To Get A Raise Without Asking For One

Earn nicely, spend wisely, and live happily — well, that’s how most people expect to live their life. But as it turns out, things aren’t always easy for everyone. Especially when you’re up for a promotion or a raise. According to a recent survey conducted by Payscale — more than 50% of the workers say that they never asked for a raise, more than 30% workers say that they got a raise without asking for it, and more than 25% workers say that they feel too uncomfortable to ask their employers for a raise.

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The Secret of Judging

Oftentimes when we say that we are judging someone, we think that we are doing something wrong. 

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