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2 months

Science of Learning: Critical Thinking and Content

Higher order thinking skills are not learned in isolation from content. Higher order thinking skills are fostered by the method of teaching, not by explicit instruction.

2 months

How to Deal With Difficult Managers

I do not get surprised anymore when someone shares something about their fellow difficult managers. One of my friends who prefers to stay anonymous, so, let’s just call her Priya, was really fed up with hers.

2 months

Evidence in Learning and Education

How people learn is a central aspect of education. Since learning figures so prominently in the entire field of education, it would make sense to review what we know about learning in light of what science tells us about the process. From behavioural studies to neuroimaging, we have learned a great deal about the process.

3 months

6 Hacks to Do When You're Having a Really Bad Day at Work

Anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes even the smallest of things can trigger frustration and lead to a bad day. Something like waking up on the wrong side of the bed, or getting stuck in traffic on your way to home.

3 months

Trauma Surrounds Us: Time to Deal

It is clear to me, particularly in light of the most recent and tragic shooting on a campus -- UNC-Charlotte -- that we need to do more than provide improved security and early detection of threats, although we surely need to do that. We need to address trauma. This is suggested in an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education today. The Chronicle piece notes trauma preparedness but also notes the effects of trauma post event and its wave-like nature, recurring with new triggers. Valuable observations and the link here.

3 months

How to Lead Like Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes

More than 10 years and 18 movies, Marvel studios have given us some epic stories, characters, and films. Along with heavy doses of entertainment, these movies have also moved the audience in one way or the other.