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1 year

Don’t Use Data Like Rousseau Paints Tigers

One of my favourite picture in the National Gallery is 'Tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Rousseau. It shows a tiger stalking an unseen prey in a rain lashed jungle. It’s a wonderfully vibrant evocative image.

1 year

The Role of Higher Order Thinking Skills on Moral Development

At one time moral development was one of the central missions of higher education. Somehow, this part of the role of higher education got lost. Education was separated from religion, morals became ethics and what was lost was the responsibility of higher education to bring goodness to society. Education has become valueless as far as instilling in students what makes citizens, and people in general, good people.

1 year

Higher Order Thinking and Leadership

There has been much written about leadership and leaders, but what about the interaction between higher order thinking and leadership. If we want to cultivate good leadership, we need to understand what role higher order thinking plays.

1 year

Hidden Costs of Today’s Education

Education costs money. We all know that. However, are there other costs that we tend to ignore? Are there costs at individual and societal levels that we don’t want to know about? I believe that there are.

1 year

4 Steps to Achieving Your BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

They say, "failures can be forgiven, but aiming low is a crime to do". So we must aim for the moon if we want to go really high in the sky. This sounds great though, but what does it really mean to us?

1 year

Tomorrow’s Learning: Business or Education Driven

Traditional higher education institutions are attended by millions of students. The students work hard for a few years and exit with some kind of qualification.

1 year

The Importance of Bravery

Lots of people talk about the need for brave work but often it isn’t agencies that are brave it’s the clients who buy the work. MoneySuperMarket has produced some of the most bizarre – and effective – advertising over the last few years. But what does it take to convince an organisation that an ad featuring a businessman in hot pants and a pole dancing builder is a sound financial move? I caught up with Lucas Bergmans most recently Head of Brand at MoneySuperMarket to find out.