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1 year

Anonymity or Disclosure: A Question for Those Harassed

It is an immensely difficult issue: if one is harassed, should one disclose one's name? Many people think that remaining anonymous is a cop-out (odd phrase, right) but if one has been harassed, one would realize how hard it is to disclose one's identity.

1 year

What Happened?

Something has gone seriously wrong. Our students can’t feed themselves. Our graduates can’t find jobs. Society doesn’t care. Colleges and universities throw multi-year parties that cost $5,000 - $15,000 year to go to. Teachers read PowerPoints from the last decade. Professors rush out of class to play trivial pursuit (research). Companies complain about empty qualifications. Older adults moan about entitlement. And nobody’s going anywhere.

1 year

Re-Designing Education through Imagination

Teaching innovation has reached maturity. There is no longer a single educational institution that doesn’t offer classes on the theme of innovation. In effect, for twenty years or so the teaching of innovation has radically transformed to become a discipline that is as much rigorous as it is relevant for any organisation seeking to develop or renew growth.

1 year

The Return of Class

I had an epiphany the other day after watching far too many hours of CNN’s obsession with making Donald Trump appear completely incompetent. Sadly, he’s doing most of the heavy lifting and feeding more and more of their yellow journalism propensities. When I was younger, I wanted to be a journalist.

1 year

The Truth Will Set You Free

11 months in and I'm disappointed. I've racked up more travel miles in that time than I did when I was a touring professional singer. Yet, this time, with the express intent to bring together, meet and teach Assistants from all over the world, imbuing them with all of the usable knowledge, strategies and confidence to ask for and get what they feel they deserve.

1 year

What are Universities doing with their Students?

In a recent article shared by Heather McGowen, universities were targeted as places where students can’t get proper job training. The highlighted subject was computer sciences, one of the STEM subjects where “preparing students for real-world jobs” is the mantra of the day (decade?).

1 year

Rene Redzepi's Recipe for Combining Machine Learning and Creativity

Rene Redzepi is head chef at Noma – three times crowned best restaurant in the world. He champions Nordic Cuisine and uses foraged food as well as traditional techniques like pickling in his dishes. He is also relentlessly experimental.