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12 months

Commercialism, Learning, Unlearning, and Empty

Joseph Callender introduced me to Kenya Hars’s concept of KU or emptiness in a comment. How is emptiness related to Learning? The relationship to consumerism is obvious, but where does learning come in?

12 months

Stress and Learning

Students often report that stress is a part of schooling, from middle school through to graduate programs. Stress is a part of schooling. Always work to do and never enough time to get it all done.

12 months

Fundamental Educational Reform

Educational reform is needed – maybe a bit of an understatement. As a sector of society, higher education has dropped the ball. The majority of our graduates enter higher education desiring nothing more than a qualification and the qualification machine pushes them through with most of the students and the professors doing the minimum required to ensure that there are graduates produced with a qualification in hand.

12 months

9 Things College Graduates Should Know Before Starting Their First Job

Over the next few weeks many students will be graduating from colleges and universities and starting that tough search for their first post college job. A few years ago I wrote a LinkedIn piece geared toward new college graduates entering the workforce. My views on this topic have already grown since I wrote part 1. So here are some additional thoughts on this topic.

12 months

The Right Stuff

No, I mean The Right Answer. What is the right answer? What is the right solution? What is the right conclusion? What is the right thinking? What did I say? What is the right answer?

12 months

A Universal Basic Allowance for all Moms

I was in mumbai recently attending the #ETwomensforum where we had industry experts, thought leaders, inspiring women share their perspectives on what it takes to make a real change to #genderequality at the work place and thereby create a sustained pool of #womenleaders who can become CXOs in the future in their respective organizations.

12 months

Knowing How to Follow-Up Will Grow Your Brand and Business

No matter what your job is or the title you have, sales is part of your daily routine. If you are a scientist trying to secure a grant or a barber, you have to sell a group of people — or one — on why are the right person for the job. One of the most important parts of sales is following up — which can strengthen your ability to close a deal. 

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