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9 days

Celebrate The Nerd Within

In high school I was into writing and photography, needless to say I was not in the popular crowds. Through modern day social technology like Facebook, I can clearly see that the majority of the popular kids in high school have gone on to do very little in their lives or careers. There is a long-term value in viewing yourself as a nerd and embracing the nerd within.

9 days

Why should I have an awesome relationship with my Boss? And if so, How?

Every relationship in this world exists for a purpose - for both parties A and B which are bound by that relationship. And for the relationship to thrive, it's important to define the purpose, and at different stages, redefine the very purpose.

10 days


I have fond memories of black and white photographs taken by my dad in his old box camera. The three pictures that I have used are a representation of my world back in the era of black and white. Be it watching the swaying coconut trees and the shimmering water on moonlit nights, or the artistry of those antique time pieces collected by my grandfather and of course those lively evenings in my childhood years, where the old gramophone would play so invitingly that we would all be waltzing and jiving away to evergreen hits. Yes nostalgia filled me in those verses, but with happy memories. 

11 days

Tired of Conflict? Ask a Question Instead

We often discuss how others can handle conflict better or how we can respond more appropriately to a random surge of negative emotions, but we don’t always talk about how we can handle situations that have a high potential to end in conflict. I want to focus on a few ways we can redirect our feelings into productive tools that will result in mitigated conflict.

11 days

Will Humans Become a Misfit in a World Dominated by an Array of Algorithms?

Modern science, according to Carl Sagan, is a voyage into the unknown with a lesson in humility at every stop. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its potential to disrupt our ‘way of life’ could very well be one such voyage through 2018.

11 days

Seedlip: How to Tap into Culture to Disrupt the Spirits Industry

If you are looking to reduce the amount you are drinking in January – or are just looking for something non-alcoholic to drink on a night out - you should try Seedlip. They describe themselves as creating ‘The world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit’. I tested Seedlip and tonic on some hardened G&T drinkers over Christmas and they were pleasantly surprised.