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3 months

The Consequences of Lecturing: The Science of Learning

There are too many of you reading this article without reading the article that lays out what the evidence says about lecturing as a learning event. I would strongly recommend taking a few minutes to read the evidence article before reading the consequences article.

3 months

What Kind of Leader are You ?

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve been following up on the latest leadership trends, you’ve probably already heard of different approaches and values that worked for many existing and aspiring leaders of the industry. Frankly, there is no right or wrong in leadership - as long as you have your team’s and your business’s best interest at heart.

3 months

Tips to Retain New Hires from Day One

The hiring process is only half the battle of building a successful team, if you don’t properly onboard them chances are you’re probably going to lose them. First impressions are everything. Employee onboarding is a lot more than management; it’s personal. 

3 months

How to Bond with Your Boss While Working Remotely

#RemoteWork has come far from being a trend, it has now become a viable option for many businesses. But things aren’t always good and easy in a remote work culture. After all, we are talking about people who are sitting oceans away from each other and constantly figuring out ways to work together as a team. 

3 months

Sadhguru’s 10 Practical Tips for Success

“With the source of creation ignited within you, you are a powerful source of creation...Now, visualize three things you want to accomplish: one, a short term vision, something you want to accomplish within the next two months; second, a mid term vision, something you want to accomplish in the next two to three years; and then a long term vision, something that you want as a life’s accomplishment. Now, visualize your first vision. Create a vivid positive image of your vision in your mind, and see it being accomplished...” – Meditation guided by Sadhguru

3 months

An A+ Punishment for Felicity and Others: Create Cy Pres Awards

Those pleading guilty in the college admissions scandal can donate large sums of money to a cy pres fund that benefits low income kids and the non-elite small colleges that serve them.