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Stories - Chapter 20

When I moved to London, I became obsessed with the free toilets. I was a penny pinching student and I didn’t like to spend money to use them. When I graduated from the university, I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I was in the country on a Graduate Entrepreneur visa which pretty much ruled out any ‘traditional’ employment. I’d had a few interviews for tour guiding companies, and I would always joke about my expert toilet knowledge. Eventually someone said to me: ‘You talk an awful lot about toilets. Why don’t you do a tour about that?’ So I did.

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Big Data and the Logistics Industry

Big Data, this term is the new obsession of organizations across the globe. The term refers to sets of data that are so huge or complex that traditional software tools are inadequate to capture, curate, manage, and process them. Big Data Analytics is an analytical technique that enables businesses to predict the likelihood of an event and take timely business decisions.

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Why Should You Know Which Bucket People in Your Network Belong to?

All of us have a small group of people who are close to us - people who we work with; we value; we like; we spend time with; or we maybe envy. I like to divide these people in three buckets - 

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Reflecting on the Role of Teachers and Professors in 2040

Start with this realization: future students will not be clones of their educators nor similar to many students today.' Our world is changing. Surely we can all agree, even with the growth of artificial intelligence, that we cannot do away with all teachers and professors in the coming decades! The better inquiry is to ask what roles these individuals can and will play within the educational system of the future. The reason? If we fail to prepare our teachers and professors well, they will not succeed in providing optimal education to our students and their families.

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Inspirations From Nature

The following striking words will make you think of the infinite power of enjoying nature to the fullest. These verses are dedicated to the human spirit of perseverance in spite of the odds!

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Thoughts about Work, Life, Balance, Women Bosses and Office Families

The following is an essay by Jesse Kornbluth on HeadButler in conversation with Jillian Medoff. Ursula Le Guin had contempt for most modern novels, which she described as “fiction about dysfunctional urban middle-class people written in the present tense.” Me too. Every week I get a pile of books by noted writers, and every month I give a large bag of books away. Why? They’re all “bubble books” — written about white people who live in one of 20 American zip codes.

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Stories - Chapter 19

The idea of setting up a business has been sitting in the back of my mind for almost ten years, but I've always found excuses not to do anything. In late 2016, after a trip to Kenya, Diana and I finally decided to give it a go. We gave ourselves a deadline till December - going to startup events, exploring different ideas. Somehow, we were just gravitating towards creative activities. As we got too distracted to run any creative event at home, we started looking for places to do it.