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Stories - Chapter 17

Two years ago, over Christmas, I was on a beach in the Philippines. It was a deserted beach, and this lady just decorated her beachfront with things made out of natural materials: silver stars wrapped with aluminum foil, straws made of bamboo, bowls made of coconut shell... People were crafty, resourceful. With no money, they were able to make something out of nothing. At the time, my partner was writing a blog. He asked me, if I’d write something, what would it be? I thought, it would be about crafts, and travel. That’s how we came up with the name Crafty Nomad.

1 year

What Does it Mean to be a Junior or a Senior UX Professional?

It was the end of 1994 and fresh out of college, I was hired for my first UX role as a research consultant. I proudly started out in the workforce as a “human factors engineer.” In today’s parlance, I was neither doing human factors nor anything related to engineering, but the evolution of UX terminology is a story for another day.

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Leaders Don't Make Small Talk

As someone who aspires to be a leader in all things I do I look for occasions where I can learn something new. Today, I stumbled across something that shocked me as a necessary leadership quality: small talk.

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The Importance of Experiences and How to Measure Them

The advertising world is increasingly talking about experiences. Whether that be people desiring and valuing experiences more than they do things. Or how experiences are a greater driver of growth than traditional advertising as people tune out or block advertising.

1 year

Stories - Chapter 16

I’m absolutely hyperactive. I hate routines. When I was working for someone, I had to repeat the same thing again and again, and I just couldn’t do it. So I started a few businesses. Some were successful; some were not. My life has been hectic, between routines and my small ventures. I was looking for something, something that can keep me awake and excited every morning.

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Harassment 101

First, a story. While working at the HQ of a large clothing manufacturer in San Francisco my supervisor, one day, hauled off and smacked me on my bald head exclaiming, “Duh!” when he perceived that I wasn’t comprehending what he’d said fast enough. This was witnessed by several co-workers, by the way. About a week later I ended up in ICU/CCU for 3 days with what was thought to be a heart attack from the stress the incident had caused me.

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Why Koh Samui is perfect for CNY

Announcing itself with firecrackers, romantic red lanterns and the tang of gunpowder, Chinese New Year – sometimes known as ‘Spring Festival’ – is celebrated around the world.

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