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Tips For a More Productive Day

Every Sunday night I plan out 3–5 large goals to complete for the week, as well as sub-goals to get me there. There are all types of systems for doing this but what I do is block off time on my calendar to complete my goals. For example, I started a new company on January 14th, therefore, a lot of my goals right now are based on strategy.

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How to Superstar

Motivation is a tricky little character. Being a "worker" often leads to large swings in motivation influenced by our bosses, co-workers, family life and a myriad of factors often outside of our control. Some days we walk in the door like we own the place and proceed to crush it like a BAWSE! And some days we do just enough to get through the day, staring at our watches wondering if sneaking out at 4:30pm would raise any eyebrows. And then the company superstar walks by. Smiling. Affable. Perfectly dressed. Asking how your daughter's presentation went at school. She totally remembered. Worse, you totally forgot.

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Why I Give Every Lyft/Uber Driver 5-Stars

Whenever I enter a car — this refers to a Lyft/Uber — I always start with a, Hey how is it going? and typically follow up with a How has your day been? To me, this is important because I am entering the car of someone I have never met before and want to make sure the driver and any passengers are relaxed. Plus, a conversation can make the time more enjoyable.

1 year

What You Still Have Wrong About LinkedIn

If it is not evident, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. And not just because they named me one of the top voices using the platform in 2017. LinkedIn has been the most powerful tool I have been able to use in my career. I truly believe that if you are not using it you are missing out. Here are some things that you may want to rethink when it comes to using the platform to benefit yourself.

1 year

Stories - Chapter 18

My background is in chemistry. For many years, I had been working as a consultant, providing trainings on health and safety to companies and to their workers in Spain. Then I decided to move to Chicago. I didn’t have anything there, but I wanted to start a new life, to learn a new language, and to experience another culture.

1 year

How Co-Presidents Could Improve Leadership In Higher Education

There is no question about it: being a college or university president is hard. And, it is getting harder. These deepening challenges mean the time has come to re-think how we view this critical role in educating the next generation. I believe we need to consider the deployment of a different leadership paradigm for some institutions moving forward: co-presidencies.

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Dirty Sexy Money: I'm a Novelist But I'll Never Quit My Day Job

As a management consultant, I talk about money all day. Since it’s my client’s money—not my own—these conversations are more transactional than emotional; they’re not personal, it’s business. When I talk about my own money (particularly my book money), however, it’s entirely different. Offering even cursory details has the air of confession; I feel exposed, vulnerable and can barely choke out words. I’d rather describe my darkest, dirtiest sexual fantasies than tell you how much I’ve earned writing novels. But this essay is about my corporate career, which means it’s mostly about money; to tell it right I have to come clean.