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How the Grinch Stole Christmas for Scientists

I have been reading with some care a series of articles in Vanity Fair (no, it is not a fashion magazine) by Michael Lewis on the horrors of what is occurring within various Departments of US government. Long long story short: talent is walking out the door and contractors are walking in the door; we are losing knowledge and wisdom as experienced workers exit. We are both downsizing and downgrading our form of government.

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How We Believe ?

How do we find out what we believe in, or what are the methods that we have of knowing? According to Peirce (1877), there are four methods of knowing information, method of authority, method of tenacity, a priori method, and the scientific method. I will review each one of them, and consider how they impact our learning and how we can influence them through our teaching. I will consider the method of tenacity and the a priori method first. In both the method of tenacity and the a priori method, there is often no way to identify where the knowledge or the belief came from, it just is. The fundamental difference is the willingness to change a belief.

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Learning by Doing Seen In Action

The experience of a practical learning approach in a business school: According to the "classical" way of teaching, the teacher has all the knowledge and teaches with a certain number of established theories developed over time, with the help of illustrations and demonstrations while the learner, typically the student, merely sits and passively acquires knowledge.

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We Need “Lasticity-Trained” Educators on Disaster Teams: An Idea as We Enter 2018

I can picture readers looking at this headline and pondering why we need to complicate disaster relief by adding educators to the team of necessary workers. Education seems like a secondary level of need, way behind water and power and disease control and food supplies. And, then readers may wince perhaps over the word “lasticity,” wondering what it means. The word could sound oddly familiar but no definition comes to mind. And finally, there is the word “trained,” and many question how valuable professional development actually is and whether it is worth the proverbial candle. And, don’t we have better things to worry about as we enter a New Year.

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6 of the Best Personal Branding Tips

Do you want to improve your branding? Here are some of the best tips that you can use to enhance your personal brand from famous TV and film brands The Joker, Breaking Bad, Darth Vader, Gladiator, American Psycho and The Godfather. 

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Moving Counter-Clockwise: Lessons from Hurricanes, Floods and Earthquakes

The plethora of natural disasters raises all sorts of complicated but expected issues – from discussions of the legitimacy of global warming to the adequacy (or lack thereof) of on the ground relief efforts.

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A View From The Bottom

Chances are that most people reading this were at one point at the bottom of some organization. Do we remember what is was like? Do we remember how it felt to have someone treat us bad, to have “management” make decisions for us, or to feel like we do not have the power to change things for the better?