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1 year

Moving Counter-Clockwise: Lessons from Hurricanes, Floods and Earthquakes

The plethora of natural disasters raises all sorts of complicated but expected issues – from discussions of the legitimacy of global warming to the adequacy (or lack thereof) of on the ground relief efforts.

1 year

A View From The Bottom

Chances are that most people reading this were at one point at the bottom of some organization. Do we remember what is was like? Do we remember how it felt to have someone treat us bad, to have “management” make decisions for us, or to feel like we do not have the power to change things for the better?

1 year

Creating the New Ideas

I have written much recently about higher order thinking skills and the failure of higher education to teach the masses of students that emerge from our institutions with little or no evidence that we have succeeded. All we teach is stuff, cramming and passing tests most of which will be forgotten in a matter of weeks following a test.

1 year

iMagination as the source of innovation

Over the last 20 years, the teaching of innovation has undergone drastic changes, and it has now become a discipline that is as thorough as it is relevant for organizations seeking to secure their growth.

1 year

Labour Force Gender Gap Challenges

Hyderabad has been revamped into a city of pride, illuminated by the presence of bright stars from all over the world - the entrepreneur participants of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017, the top level officials from US, media persons from worldwide, volunteers, workers and organizers of the event, many other key political officials from India and abroad, Governor and Chief Minister of Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and of course, the lady herself, the elegant Miss Ivanka Trump.

1 year

The Truth of Social Development Sector in Developing Countries

It was a scorching summer evening in Delhi. I had completed one year at Teach For India - as a "Didi" (read Teacher) in a government school in an urban slum in Delhi – with my kids (students), their parents, the community, the school-staff, the TFI fellows, and everyone who was important in my students' life.

1 year

Weinstein Movement: A Little Disgusted

I'm a little disgusted. In the wake of all of these sexual harassment allegations and watching hero after hero get accused of these improprieties, most happening many years ago, I can't help but to wonder how they've lived with themselves all this time knowing what they'd done. The fact that serial offender Harvey Weinstein was still able to succeed wildly and create a protected class of his own within his own organization is about as reprehensible as it can get. Now we've got chefs, more actors, political officials and tv anchors all finally getting called out for being the foul human beings they've always been.

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