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1 year

"Experts" From Afar (EFA)

A coworker of mine used this acronym (EFA - Experts From Afar) to describe a situation, where a decision was made and was being carried out without the input of anyone affected by the decision being consulted.

1 year

Stories - Chapter 10

I first picked up a brush at an arts school in Moscow when I was 10 and in a few months, I won some competition. 17 years passed until the day I felt I must paint again. In the meantime I started working in the arts and moved from Russia to the UK to do my master's degree.

1 year

Hashtags are Here to Stay

I am a recent convert to hashtags. I used to be an extreme naysayer by publicly condemning their existence. I thought they were a fad millenial trend that needed to die.

1 year

Be the Light in this Dark World

As the sun rises, nightingales begin to sing the joy of light with their beautiful melody. As the day ends, the very same birds fly back into the darkness of the night. Unfortunately, the darkness of our lives is often transformed by the delusion of light. Our biggest fear in life is failure because our dreams are miles away from our reach. Doubt, fear and darkness are our biggest enemy. Meanwhile, hope, dreams and light are our last resort to escape from negative vibes.

1 year

Stories - Chapter 9

When I was young, I was not terribly joyful. I was always perplexed by my existence, and I had a strong spiritual longing ever since I could remember. I was very sensitive. Quite early on, I could feel energy in my body. I didn’t know what it was, but it was very alive. Later, I realised that it was sexual energy, which, I also realised, was not OK to talk about. Mine was a fairly conventional family and an Orthodox upbringing.

1 year

The Evolution of the Workplace

Work is no more a place that you go to, it is an activity that can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

2 years

Stories - Chapter 8

I grew up in a small village in the mountains and always felt it was too small for me. However, I remain extremely attached to my roots and can never really define my identity without them. I have always searched for more, more knowledge, more answers, more solutions to my existential interrogatives and more human connection. 

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