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2 years

My Plea as an Educator: Please Listen to Student Survivor Voices

This truth can’t be denied: some of the most significant changes in American society and culture have come from protests. And, looking back on recent history without the taint of politics, the most powerful of these changes have been driven by young people.

2 years

Art of Management: Managing People

Leadership is a quality that is the backbone of people management skills. An ability to lead well is an asset to any organisation. To be able to take the lead and lead well there must a deeper understanding of people and their needs besides being a quick thinker and a whole lot of self confidence. A positive inclination, an assertive approach, determination with a focused attitude to life can be a tool for a successful stint at sustained leadership.

2 years

Better Than Ever

I'm 48...going on 27. I can work embarrassingly fast circles around 98.5% of the 20-somethings out there in my industry. I'm insanely curious. I research the most random shit on the planet simply because I want to know about it and how it works, especially if it will affect my job, my boss, or my company. I love being able to contribute to conversations that most would assume I would know nothing about. It's the ultimate F.U., especially as an Executive Assistant who has dealt with more than my fair share of condescension over the past 26 years in this role.

2 years

How to Balance Your Work Life, Creative Life, and Family Life

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work."— Marcelle Proust. I’ve eaten the same breakfast—Cheerios, frozen raspberries, skim milk, and black coffee—every day for the past 35 years. I’ve had the same job—management consulting—for the past 22.

2 years

To Be

The following striking words will make you think of the infinite power of receiving and giving love to the fullest. These verses are dedicated to the human spirit of perseverance in spite of the odds!

2 years

Stories - Chapter 20

When I moved to London, I became obsessed with the free toilets. I was a penny pinching student and I didn’t like to spend money to use them. When I graduated from the university, I was trying to figure out what to do with myself. I was in the country on a Graduate Entrepreneur visa which pretty much ruled out any ‘traditional’ employment. I’d had a few interviews for tour guiding companies, and I would always joke about my expert toilet knowledge. Eventually someone said to me: ‘You talk an awful lot about toilets. Why don’t you do a tour about that?’ So I did.

2 years

Big Data and the Logistics Industry

Big Data, this term is the new obsession of organizations across the globe. The term refers to sets of data that are so huge or complex that traditional software tools are inadequate to capture, curate, manage, and process them. Big Data Analytics is an analytical technique that enables businesses to predict the likelihood of an event and take timely business decisions.