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2 years

Big Data & Sports

Several new-age digital transformation technologies are making a substantial impact on the world of sports. Modern disruptive innovations such as Big Data, Analytics, and The Internet of Things (Iot) are being put to widespread use. 

2 years

Writing India's Growth Story

Karl Marx in his seminal work ‘Das Kapital’ talks about how the economic rise of any nation is dependent upon the quality of factors of production present. These include – technology, capital and labour (skill).

2 years

Go Green computing !

There is little doubt about the huge data center boom in the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific. Companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google are spending billions to build data centers. While Google set up its first data centers in Singapore and Taiwan, Amazon Web Services (AMS) built data centers in Singapore and Tokyo. 

2 years

Hypocrisy of the Indian Elite

When I say ‘Elite’, I am not talking about the high net worth individuals, as one would imagine. A person, who has had the luxury of a private education, is employed in a white collar job and lives in an urban area, is an Indian Elite. Statistically, such a person would figure in the top 2% of our country. Let’s call him ‘Leo’ for easier reference, hereafter.

2 years

Stories - Chapter 4

I came to art quite late, after having worked in a very different field – statistics.

2 years

Promoting eGovernance with Blockchain

Blockchain have been hailed by the World Economic Forum as technology pioneer, with many financial experts terming it as “the next best thing after the Internet.” Industry leaders consider the impact of the new accounting technology to be as significant as the introduction of double entry more than 500 years ago. Apart from being faster and more agile than existing systems, blockchain allow transparency in accounting as every transaction is captured in real time. Governments are also looking at blockchain as an innovative platform to promote eGovernance. 

2 years

Stories - Chapter 3

I always knew that I wanted to be a drummer, playing African drums, but life got in the way with children and survival at stake.

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