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4 months

Is Artificial Intelligence Worth the Hype?

So I just completed (and graduated!) AI guru Andrew Ng's AI for Everyone course on Coursera. I liked it. A lot. It answered many of the lingering questions I had about AI like when the rocketship will land, and when we should plan for complete annihilation by the little green men with those sweet phaser guns and no clothes on. Wait. Wrong cartoon. When we can expect these hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide to be stolen by AI inducing mass hysteria, blocks-long bread lines, insurmountable hipster unemployment, and a digital apocalypse that forces us all back to the safety of those Princess rotary phones to avoid mass hackery by "them bots." I can say, unequivocally, calm TF down. It's not that deep...yet.

4 months

Science of Learning: Assessment Driven Curriculum

“…from our students’ point of view, assessment always defines the actual curriculum (Ramsden, 2003)”. We all know that this is true, and like it or not, this is the way it is.

4 months

Science of Learning: Discovery Learning

I don’t normally write about non-higher education subjects but an article in CBC Alberta news prompted me to say something about discovery-based learning.

4 months

How to be a Good Manager When You Just Don’t Feel Like Being One

There are both good days and bad days at work. Let’s talk about the bad days today. I’m pretty sure you guys know what I’m talking about; we have all been there at least one point or the other.

4 months

The Tree Remembers & How

“The axe forgets; the tree remembers.”— African proverb.

4 months

12 Tips Before Traveling to Japan

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Japan for the first time. I flew directly from Newark Airport to Narita International Airport — I recommend Hanada, as it is closer but either is great — which was 14.5 hours. Then, flew to San Francisco for a work trip, then back to New York City.