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2 months

How Perception Creates Reality

Our perception of our world and of ourselves is what creates the reality. What does that really mean?

2 months

On Self-Sourcing

Where do your needs and desires overlap with those of your partner?

2 months

Think Different

If you really want to effect a positive change in this world,

2 months

Simple Tips to Overcome the Fear of Failure

Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill

2 months

Thanksgiving's Hard for Many: Here are Some Reasons Why

We see all the pre-holiday hoopla. We read all the cards and catalogs. We see and hear advertisements galore. We know there are sales and we might even buy something for someone (or for ourselves). Everything seems decorated and celebratory ..... plastic and paper turkeys abound. For some, this is the start of preparing for the X-mas holiday too: presents, decorations; wrapping; eggnog. Santas start appearing.

2 months

Academic Skills: Why should We have to Teach Them?

In the late 90's when the skills agenda was all the rage in the UK, I was tasked to develop a skills program. At the time they were key skills, and they were slowly transformed into employability skills. I don’t think anyone cared what they were called, they were all the same thing.

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