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2 years

Stories - Chapter 8

I grew up in a small village in the mountains and always felt it was too small for me. However, I remain extremely attached to my roots and can never really define my identity without them. I have always searched for more, more knowledge, more answers, more solutions to my existential interrogatives and more human connection. 

2 years


10 years ago, we opened the door of our music studio to our first client. My wife and I used to live upstairs and there was no facility for toilet or kitchen down here. People had to come up to use the facilities. At the time, we just had our first boy.

2 years


I didn’t know that I was a creative person. I have always thought that I was the least creative person in my family. After graduating with a degree in business and marketing, I have worked full time in a real estate agency. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do.

2 years


I love teaching how to cook because I love interacting with so many different people. I love to create a passion within them. It is really hard work but all worthwhile.

2 years

Is Journalism on the Verge of Dying ?

Billionaire Richard Desmond is poised to sell the Northern and Shell Media Group to Trinity Mirror. This includes the Express and Star newspapers sparking concerns over news plurality from the National Union of Journalists. 

2 years

Big Data & Sports

Several new-age digital transformation technologies are making a substantial impact on the world of sports. Modern disruptive innovations such as Big Data, Analytics, and The Internet of Things (Iot) are being put to widespread use. 

2 years

Writing India's Growth Story

Karl Marx in his seminal work ‘Das Kapital’ talks about how the economic rise of any nation is dependent upon the quality of factors of production present. These include – technology, capital and labour (skill).