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2 years

Promoting eGovernance with Blockchain

Blockchain have been hailed by the World Economic Forum as technology pioneer, with many financial experts terming it as “the next best thing after the Internet.” Industry leaders consider the impact of the new accounting technology to be as significant as the introduction of double entry more than 500 years ago. Apart from being faster and more agile than existing systems, blockchain allow transparency in accounting as every transaction is captured in real time. Governments are also looking at blockchain as an innovative platform to promote eGovernance. 

2 years

Stories - Chapter 3

I always knew that I wanted to be a drummer, playing African drums, but life got in the way with children and survival at stake.

2 years

Stories - Chapter 2

I was lucky that I did not make a conscious career turn. When I was working as a digital designer, I have spent lots of time making bags, and I really enjoyed it. Coming back from work, I would just get on the sewing machine, start making and creating products, and doing the same thing over the weekends.

2 years

Stories - Chapter 1

I am what some societies call an “illegitimate” child since I was conceived by an unmarried woman and an already married man. My childhood resembles one of Charles Dickens’ novels.

2 years

The Silent Warriors

Ask anyone what the most important day of the year is to them and you will get answers ranging from their birthday to Election Day. How many will say their mother’s birthday? For some unknown reasons, mothers get overlooked or down played a bit.

2 years

The War Against Fake News

The problem with the news found on social media is that they are not often true. In its early days there used to be a saying about the internet: one-third commerce, one-third quack remedies and one-third nuttiness. The proportions may have changed a little since, but conspiracy theories are as prominent as ever.

3 years

Happy Women's Day

Today, March 8th, marks the 106th anniversary of International Women’s Day, a day that honors the fight for women's rights — to end hunger, poverty and domestic violence as well as fight for gender equality.