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2 months

Reading and Learning in Higher Education

The importance of reading in education can't be overstated, and yet we know that reading is in decline for all levels of education across most subjects.

2 months

Advanced Cognitive Enablers: Why Not Online?

The scientific evidence for how we learn advanced cognitive enablers (critical thinking, complex reasoning, higher order creativity, metacognition…) involves iterative discussions; discussions between peers who weigh out evidence and come to conclusions based on logic, reason, and evidence.

2 months

Science of Learning: The Immense Cost of Conformity

This article is the most difficult Science of Learning article that I will write. Considering the cost of conformity at an individual and societal level. The cost of conformity at a societal level is high, but the cost borne by an individual is even higher.

2 months

8 Tools a Writer Can’t Do Without in Today’s World

I have started writing this article with firm belief that you will find it useful and interesting, both. The reason behind this faith is my own experience, efforts, thorough research and all other essential ingredients that I use to prepare perfect recipes of articles.

3 months

The Circular Economy: Does China set an example for the West?

It is simplistic to consider innovation as the simple launch of a new product or service on the market to increase the profits of an organisation. The essence of innovation is to resolve problems – it means taking action to survive. As such, the emergence of the circular economy can be considered as an innovation of processes with a clear objective to keep our ecosystem alive.

3 months

How to Hire a Rockstar Executive Assistant

Clearly, we need to start from scratch. So throw everything you think you know about recruiting top tier Executive Assistants out the window. Execs: Stop using all of the Mad Men, Ballers, and Entourage episodes as a reference. Grab a Diet Coke, the iPad and Apple Pen your previous EA bought you, and get ready to scribble. EAs: Pay close attention, here. Some of you have some work to do as well. Let's begin.

3 months

Science of Learning: Using Marks or Grades

The question of whether we should use marks, ranging from 0 – 100, or grades, usually A+ to F is a topic that often vexes teachers and can lead to heated discussions. There is scientific evidence that speaks to the topic.

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