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4 months

If You're Going To Manage Others, Learn How To Have Conversations

Entrepreneurs and managers often consider themselves as ‘optimistic’ - someone who sees the glass as half-full instead of half-empty. Most of them seem to believe that they have mastered the art of finding a room for improvement in everything. However, the current scenario of communication in the workplace is a complete mess. It’s a big reality check for all those project managers and leaders who think that they are doing well, but in reality, they have no clue of what’s happening around them because there is no clear communication.

4 months

Wedding Shakti: The Secrets of Togetherness for Couples

55% of the marriages that occur in the world today are arranged marriages. The global divorce rate has increased up to 251.8% since 1960. 1 out of 3 marriages fail in the first five years.

4 months

How to Deal with Feedback

Have you gone through the emotional discomfort of being told you are not managing it well, you do not have the leadership skills, you are micromanaging, or you are just putting the burden off to us from your shoulders? 

4 months

REJEX the Novel Inspired by all the Rejects and Outsiders Who’ve Come to Hollywood

“For anyone who’s ever felt different or felt unloved, or felt like an outsider or even been are not alone.” — tagline from Ashley Jude Collie’s rousing dystopian novel, REJEX.

4 months

Where has the Expertise Gone?

The glut of information has made all of us experts in virtually everything.

4 months

Science of Learning: Critical Thinking and Content

Higher order thinking skills are not learned in isolation from content. Higher order thinking skills are fostered by the method of teaching, not by explicit instruction.

4 months

How to Deal With Difficult Managers

I do not get surprised anymore when someone shares something about their fellow difficult managers. One of my friends who prefers to stay anonymous, so, let’s just call her Priya, was really fed up with hers.