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3 months

On Going Extreme

Going extreme is oftentimes an easy way out. 

3 months

Why It's So Hard to Understand our Students and Help Them

Kids are deeply affected by acts of teachers --- and the teachers never know about what happened. I used to say as a college president that, with respect to students, you could do 99 out of 100 things right but the 1 thing that is wrong or bothersome or bad has a seemingly out-sized effect; in others words, we need to be vastly more aware not just of big systemic change but we need to pay attention to smaller words and deeds and acts. Both are important to be sure. But, we tend to focus on the BIG changes and acts; that's the American Way. Think Big.

3 months

How to Attract Top Talent: Stop Setting Mouse Traps

Why are we still writing lengthy job descriptions in order to attract top talent? We all know that aside from a few essential responsibilities and must-haves, JDs are basically worthless as the job is really dependent on the needs in-the-moment and that person's individual approach to the role vs. the nice, tidy list of responsibilities that are mostly irrelevant and dated. So I propose we take convention out back, put it out of its misery, and do something a little revolutionary (read: relevant) when seeking top talent.

3 months

Yes Please

Please read, share and let us remember…that just because we don’t talk about something, choose to hide from it or by fear choose to ban it which may challenge other’s from addressing the subject, the subject of focus does not disappear.

3 months

We Need More Tolerance in this World

Almost two decades ago I scored a pretty sweet gig as a glorified wedding singer in Japan. Like many, I was a casualty of the dot-com 1.0 bust and couldn't find a job to save my life. Plus, I just needed a break from the dumpster fire that was San Francisco at that time. Weddings in Japan are a huge business. They often take place on these beautifully curated wedding campuses that are completely self-contained. Chapel. Reception hall. Numerous, beautiful locations for photos.

3 months

Size Doesn't Matter Anymore

I think we've got it Where once it was imperative to have everyone in the same, open space to collaborate, build the culture, and chase the unicorn concept of "team" we've now entered a new era of business where those things are actually achieved in a much different way. And, as knee-jerk unpopular and oxymoronic as it may feel, separation actually breeds togetherness.

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