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12 days

Understanding Technology As An Amenity

Technology as an amenity is a term that continues to receive more attention in the multifamily housing industry. According to HousingWire there is a 95 percent occupancy rate in apartments in the US. This means that property owners and management companies are facing some fierce competition for securing and retaining residents. For decades this meant having great amenities on your properties like fitness rooms, covered parking, swimming pools, game rooms, and more.

14 days

Sometimes Diploma Trumps Degree

So, something that continues to chap my hide is the assumption that Executive Assistants without college degrees are in some way inferior or worse that those who do. What a hot, steaming, pile of crap right in the middle of a Boardroom table.

16 days

Actions That Will Make your Workday Better and Meaningful

Do you define your workday something as “chaos”? Many people, define their day as chaotic and feel their work as a “job”. These people are consciously making an effort throughout their day to make it a meaningful day.

18 days

State of Our Graduates

A year ago I wrote a piece about how the world is changing and what is happening to our students after graduation. Although the unemployment rate is at rock bottom rates, the fate of our higher education graduates isn’t getting that much better.

19 days

Best Productivity Tips & Tools for Web Designers

Similar to artists, designers feel stuck many times when working on their designs. They usually come across cranky clients asking for repetitive revisions or stuck in a large complex project. The designers' life is definitely not supposed to be easy as it demands a lot of focus, enthusiasm, and creativity. They happen to lose the performance up to the mark and find it quite challenging to stay on top of the tasks.  

20 days

Academia and Anti-intellectualism

Academic argument is an exercise in higher order thinking skills and is enjoyable to those who engage in it. However, academic argument follows a fairly strict set of rules.