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3 months

5 Ways to Take Your Life to the Next Level

“This is not what I wanted to do. I expected a lot from my life. The feeling of discontentment is keeping me away from a happy being.” If this is you, and you feel like you are being kept away from the life of your dreams, then you should know it’s not your situation but you who is holding it back. The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize Columnist Maureen Dowd said it perfectly, “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

3 months

Unpacking the Mysticism of Professionalism

What does being professional mean? Wikipedia says that it “describes the standards of education and training that prepare members of the profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform their specific role within that profession. In addition, most professionals are subject to strict codes of conduct, enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations.”

3 months

To Real Teachers

If I were seriously ill and in desperate need of a physician, and if by some miracle I could secure either Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, or a young doctor fresh from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, with his equipment comprising the latest developments in the technologies and techniques of medicine, I should, of course, take the young doctor. On the other hand, if I were commissioned to find a teacher for a group of adolescent boys and if, by some miracle, I could secure either Socrates or the latest Ph.D. from Teachers College, with his equipment of the latest technologies and techniques of teaching, with all due respect to the College that employs me and to my students, I am fairly certain that I would jump at the chance to get Socrates.  Education and Emergent Man William. C. Bagley (1934)

3 months

Growth Mindset in Students

Years ago, Carol Dweck began to look into the question that has perplexed academics for decades. Why do females do worse at maths than males? I know that there are individual differences that mean there are females who do well at math and males who don’t, but a robust finding that has been observed over years and years of measurement is that females perform worse than males (in the aggregate) at math.

3 months

Motivating Students

Motivation lies at the heart of learning. If someone is motivated to learn something, there is nothing that can be done to stop him or her. If someone has no interest in learning, there is nothing that either you or I can do to make him or her learn. Motivation lies at the heart of learning.

3 months

Conformity and Learning

Education is all about conformity, it is the institution of conformity. Conformity has much to answer for in our society.

3 months

What Does Non-Mastery Mean?

When we measure learning, we can measure it in two fundamental ways. Is the learner able to recall/demonstrate understanding/synthesize/critically evaluate – whatever – to a pre-set standard before the learning is finished (mastery), or is the learning graded (as in a gradient) and declared finished? The question I am asking is, if we don’t expect mastery in learning, what do we get?