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4 months

Worst Leadership Qualities: How Many Does Your Boss Have?

We all have a horror story about a ‘bad boss’. An employee survey by BambooHR revealed 44% of employees said that a boss had been the main reason they left a previous job. Having been blessed with a great team at ProofHub, I know how important it is to give them the power. It’s about being a leader who will entertain the team and their vibes. Turns out, what qualities put on the bad vibes?

4 months

7 Surprising Ways to Win Over Your Boss

You may be pushing yourself really hard to get that project done, yet somehow you are not there on the boss’s good side. You need to keep them impressed! If you want to snag yourself a raise, stay away from conflicts, move up in your job, you should definitely want to know how to impress your boss each day.

4 months

Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin “Signs” Technology’s Praises, While Others Shout, Wait a Minute!

My upcoming novel, REJEX, imagines that “On a hidden planet somewhere in the galaxy, there's a culture clash between a heartless, high-tech society and a world full of ancient magick. Led by a teen rebel called Aiya, a band of rejected outliers revolts against a bullying Big Brother.”

4 months

Become the Best in the World at What you Do

How do you get out of the rat race where everybody is competing to do exactly what you want to do? You might be good at several things but not the best at anything. Even when you know exactly what to do, there will be endless obstacles and challenges in your way. Let me take you through an instance of my life.

4 months

Disturbing Assault Stories from Emmy Winning Thandie Newton & SCOTUS Senate Hearing Witness Dr. Ford Should Make Us Men Look in the Mirror

Superbly talented and glamourous British actress Thandie Newton glides into the Press area for Emmy winners — she’d just scooped up the Supporting Actress in Drama for her role as Maeve in Westworld. She’s all elegance in a bubblegum-hue, one-shoulder, Brandon Maxwell gown. Seemingly unprepared, she’d just cracked up the live audience at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, opening her Emmy acceptance speech with: “I don’t even believe in God but I’m going to thank Her tonight.” Newton is nothing if not always honest and feisty even in a couture dress.

4 months

Science of Learning: Mindset

Carol Dweck is the principle figure behind mindset theory and in my opinion is one of the giants in the science of learning. To understand where Dweck is coming from, we need to go back decades. In the early 1980’s Dweck started looking into the perplexing question of why females consistently score lower than males (in the aggregate, not necessarily individually) in math. There is no genetic or biological reason for this. When it comes to the brain wiring, there is simply no differences to account for why males consistently outperform females in math. In looking at the problem, Dweck formulated the concept of mindset, which she then extended (through research) to a variety of observable phenomenon.

4 months

Science of Learning: Basics of Memory

I love memory. It is a part of cognitive psychology, and I found it one of the most fascinating aspects of cognition (I ended up studying attention, but I still love memory).

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