Sreeram Sravani Company Guru

Sreeram is a promising financial professional that is passionate about the latest business and crypto currency trends. She previously worked as a Financial Advisor at Laughing Macaw Technologies. Sreeram is currently completing an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services at Parvathaneni Brahmayya Siddhartha College of Arts & Science.

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Mentorship and 5 Tips to Select a Best Mentor to Succeed in Life!

Finding a mentor is a very tough task. A lot of people say “I wish I had a mentor,” but they do not actually know want to learn and a lot of other people are quick to call someone as their mentor without even asking themselves whether that person is the correct “fit” for them in the first place.


Digital Value-Chain Networking

Every organisation, brand and business irrespective of their size are leveraging digital technology to reach more customers, to solve their problems and most importantly increase their retention. In this fast paced environment, the digital presence of companies is at its peak stage and some firms are even entering a new stage of digital technology through the help of “Digital Value Chain Networking”.


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