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Stefan is an acclaimed author, keynote speaker, advisor and entrepreneur. He is a global thought leader on leadership in general and corporate innovation management in particular, he travels around the world to interact with executives and corporate innovation teams who want to take their innovation capabilities and efforts to the next level. The Silicon Valley mindset is key for this to happen. This mindset is rooted in one word: impact. By leveraging new technologies, talent, strong ecosystems, agile leadership, and ingenious approaches to business, Silicon Valley impacts entire industries in ways that shape the world. For a company to thrive—or even survive—in the next decade, its leaders will need to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and be able to put it to work. He helps executives on this through his Silicon Valley Fast Track venture. Stefan completed his entrepreneurial background in A.P. Møller Shipping School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Sloan School of Management.  For more information about the Silicon Valley Fast Track, please visit:

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Communication Capabilities for Innovation Efforts

Strong internal and external communication programs are important at any time for an organization, but they are outright critical in today's corporate efforts for innovation.


Mastering Stakeholder Management

Communication is a critical skill for corporate transformation and innovation teams. When we think of communication in the context of innovation today, we need to include networking and stakeholder management. The projects you run affect other people, both internally and externally. The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact people having the power and influence to make or break your project. Thus stakeholder management becomes a critical discipline for you to master to become successful with innovation projects.


The New Strategic HR Function

There has been a lot of talk in recent years on creating a new strategic HR function. In this article, we discuss it in the perspective of industry/corporate transformation, digitalization, disruption and innovation management.


Exploring The Future: When Robots Take Your Job

There are many ways in which we can view and explore the future, but what happens if we do it through the lenses of an often asked question:


Mindset and Approaches for a Digital World

The advent of exponential growth is the key enabler for lightning fast development of new technologies. As this happens, technologies as we know them now merge together and bring along a whole new world of opportunities and challenges. The most important business impact is that we see a merger of industries and even the creation of new ones.


Will Uber Win or Lose with Self-Driving Cars?

Until a recent conversation, I thought that Uber - and other car-sharing services - would be clear winners with the arrival of self-driving cars. My logic was that Uber already "owns" the users through their app and platform and then they would be able to cut the major cost in their business model; the paid drivers.


How to Win with Corporate Innovation

How large organizations win with and through innovation in the coming years is quite simple. It only takes three steps.


A Quick Guide to Artificial Intelligence

What is artificial intelligence and how does it impact the way we live and work today? Read on.


The Next Big Thing for Big Corporates

I was recently asked some interesting questions for one of my informal coffee session in Singapore. The questions went like this:


The Digital Age for Corporate Innovation

Today, a key question for executives and corporate innovation teams is:


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