Steve Blakeman Management Guru

Steve is the #1 LinkedIn Global Top Voice 2017 - Management & Workplace. He is the Managing Director - Global Accounts for OMD based in London / Paris leading Groupe Renault. Prior to this role, he was CEO for OMD in Asia for 4 years based in Singapore. At OMD, he increased billings by +60% to over US$ 5bn and won 1000+ industry awards including agency network wins at the Cannes Lions (2013) and Festival of Media Asia (2013). He was named by LinkedIn as a 'Top 10 Writer' for 3 consecutive years (15/16/17). His first book 'How to be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' is a Best Seller on Amazon and his 2nd book is due out in 2018. Steve holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Liverpool University. 


Bugging Out - Insects Become the Latest Health Food Trend in Supermarkets

Would you swap your corn chips for crunchy crickets? What about your macaroni for some moreish mealworms? Well all you have to do is just pop down to your local supermarket for a bag of barbeque flavour cockroaches.


Lost For Words - The Slow Death of the English Language

Do you remember when a 'tweet' was the cheery chirp of a bird? When a 'cloud' wandered lonely across the sky? When a 'stream' was a mesmerising meandering flow of water? Or is it just me that is getting sick of how we are gradually killing the English language one word at a time?


World's Quickest IQ Test Only Has 3 Questions - But 83% of People Fail It

Think you are smart? Want to find out quickly? Then simply answer the World's shortest IQ test below.


Amazon Prime Day is Now the Biggest Shopping Event in History

Last week, Amazon Prime Day became the largest shopping event in history by selling more products than last years Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. A mind blowing 175 million items were bought in just 48 hours which is a 75% jump on last year - that's more clicks than a school of chatty dolphins.


Why The Show Must Always Go On

A few months ago I was invited by Richard Blackburn and Paul McBeth from ECN to attend their #Spirit global conference at the rather splendid Waldorf Astoria hotel in Versailles.