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Steve is the #1 LinkedIn Global Top Voice 2017 - Management & Workplace. He is the Managing Director - Global Accounts for OMD based in London / Paris leading Groupe Renault. Prior to this role, he was CEO for OMD in Asia for 4 years based in Singapore. At OMD, he increased billings by +60% to over US$ 5bn and won 1000+ industry awards including agency network wins at the Cannes Lions (2013) and Festival of Media Asia (2013). He was named by LinkedIn as a 'Top 10 Writer' for 3 consecutive years (15/16/17). His first book 'How to be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' is a Best Seller on Amazon and his 2nd book is due out in 2018. Steve holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Liverpool University. 

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Geneva Motor Show 2018 Preview - 10 of the Best Cars

It's the 88th Geneva Motor Show this week and I have a sneaky press day preview to show you the hot metal at this years event. There are 180 exhibitors this year with a total of 110 new vehicles being premiered. Over 700,000 people will be attending the event at the Palexpo Convention Centre to pore over the latest polished metal (or carbon fibre) from the World's top car marques. 


Rise of the Machines - will AI lead to Super Intelligence or Doomsday?

Ray Kurzweil is Google's director of engineering and a highly accurate futurist who has predicted that machines will surpass human intelligence by 2045. This tipping point is termed the 'singularity' and the implications of computers becoming more intelligent than their makers has divided opinion in the scientific and technological communities.


Entrepreneurship: Is it the Best Time to Launch Your Business?

The United States has long been the natural home of the entrepreneur but recent reports suggest that Americans are less likely to start a company now than in the past four decades. So what has led to this worrying decline in home grown entrepreneurship? And does this low point offer an ideal opportunity to launch your start-up?


The Flaws Of Social Media

“My project ‘Antisocial’ has been going viral this week… which is very ironic since it points out the flaws of each social network” – Mike Campau is a Digital Artist and you may have seen his thought provoking work doing the rounds on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter etc. in the past few week or so.


Why Female Entrepreneurs Can Lead Future Business Success

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on Inc about U.S entrepreneurship being at a 40-year low. Research suggests that there are are some seeds of growth and the latest studies have highlighted that female entrepreneurship will provide one of the best routes to future business success.


9 Things You Can Learn From A Dog That Will Help Your Career

This is Baxter. He is my dog. And like most canines I reckon that he can teach us a few things which can help us boost our careers. You don't believe me? Then read on...


How To Be A 'Rock Star' on LinkedIn

Mitch Malloy has had a glittering career as a singer and producer dating back to the 80’s. As a solo artist he has released 9 albums and had several Top 20 Billboard hit singles. As a producer, he has worked with the likes of Taylor Swift, Kenny Loggins and Lady Antebellum. Mitch was also the famous Van Halen ‘Lost Boy’ who was all set to replace Sammy Hagar as lead singer until David Lee Roth made an unexpected reappearance with the band at the 1996 MTV Awards.


Mansplain? Hangry? Find Out What These New Words Actually Mean

So my little snowflakes, do you have a few minutes to let me mansplain to you my top 10 new words that have just been added to the Oxford English Dictionary? Well let's get on with it because I'm getting hangry.


3 Tech Trends That Will Drive Your Business This Year

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlighted 3 key technology trends, which should be driving your business over the next 12 months: voice activation, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. 


Are Entrepreneurs Made not Born?

The age-old debate of nature vs nurture has resurfaced following the publication of research that claims you are not born with an entrepreneurial gene - apparently, the secret lies in being immersed in an entrepreneurial culture from a young age. So does that mean the likes of Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates don't have that entrepreneurial spirit locked into their DNA?


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