Steve Blakeman Management Guru

Steve is the #1 LinkedIn Global Top Voice 2017 - Management & Workplace. He is the Managing Director - Global Accounts for OMD based in London / Paris leading Groupe Renault. Prior to this role, he was CEO for OMD in Asia for 4 years based in Singapore. At OMD, he increased billings by +60% to over US$ 5bn and won 1000+ industry awards including agency network wins at the Cannes Lions (2013) and Festival of Media Asia (2013). He was named by LinkedIn as a 'Top 10 Writer' for 3 consecutive years (15/16/17). His first book 'How to be a Top 10 Writer on LinkedIn' is a Best Seller on Amazon and his 2nd book is due out in 2018. Steve holds a Bachelor in Psychology from Liverpool University. 


Cannes Lions 2019 - a Preview of the Pride

Now in it's 66th year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity begins next Monday with a promise of creative excellence, cutting edge innovation in communication and the odd glass of Rosé.


Are the Trolls Taking over LinkedIn?

Over the past few months I have focused on several topical subjects on LinkedIn Publishing which have featured various celebrities including Jamie Oliver, Jack Ma, Michael Jacksonand Jack Dorsey. What has struck me most from these articles are the astonishing number of personal insults levelled at me for daring to (supposedly) besmirch their idols.


5 Reasons Why Jamie Oliver's Restaurant Business Failed So Spectacularly

Was Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant chain always going to be a recipe for disaster? What is the naked truth behind this catastrophic failure from the naked chef? Well, according to experts (and me) he made 5 critical mistakes that were always going to make his business sink like a soufflé.


Stop Saying you are Always Busy at Work - It's Damaging Your Career

How many people do you know are always complaining that they are too busy at work?


Why Jack Ma's Work Ethic is All Wrong

In a recent social media post, the billionaire Alibaba founder endorsed what is called the '996' work ethic - working 9am to 9pm 6 days a week (72 hours per week). He says that workers who adopt the 996 working pattern will enjoy the "rewards of hard work'. And it got me thinking, apart from the potential of earning more money what other 'rewards' are there? No social life? No time spent with family and friends? No focus on physical and mental health?