Anand Natarajan Tech Guru

Anand is an Enterprise Sales Leader for Magento Commerce in India/South Asia. He is a proven business leader with a sales and marketing experience of over 19 years in the IT Industry. He previously held various leadership positions in IBM & Wipro in technology, solution, software and infrastructure services, security, mobility businesses across India, Asia Pacific and emerging markets. Anand holds a bachelor degree in Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering. 


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The year that was and will be for Ecommerce

As this year draws to a close, It is time to take a look back at the biggest ecommerce trends of 2017. The increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate marketing and merchandising has been a key trend.


Selling on Marketplace or Your Own Online Store?

Selling on Marketplaces at the face of it looks like a great idea. Well who would not like to reach more people and increase a chance of conversion?