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4 days

Can You Trust Biometrics with your Finances?

Since the launch of fingerprint sensors in smartphones five years ago, the use of biometrics in our everyday life has increased. Businesses have taken initiatives to increase the use of biometrics in finance to enhance consumer experience.

5 days

How Technology Can Help Improve Mental Health

The use of mental health care technology can help diagnose and treat mental disorders much more effectively than traditional methods. It can significantly help people overcome their mental health problems, ensuring a happy life while overcoming the stigma associated with mental illness.

6 days

Leveraging Machine Vision in Agriculture

With machine vision applications in agriculture, the sector can automate the repetitive and time-consuming activities, helping farmers to achieve higher crop yields and financial gains.

7 days

3 Reasons Why Students and Working Professionals Prefer E-Learning

The recent surge in e-learning has created a higher demand for educated and specialized workforce. Arizton, in its research, has identified that by 2023, the global e-learning market is expected to generate a revenue of approximately $65.41 billion.

10 days

Holographic Augmented Reality is the Future of Education

With the use of holographic augmented reality (AR) in education on the rise, it won’t be long before students step into the classroom without the presence of a physical teacher.

10 days

The Use of Robots for Last-Mile Delivery

Robotics is at the leading edge of technological research being used in the world. Robots are being used everywhere from carrying out simple household work to even delivering products by delivery robots.

13 days

Virtual Reality is the Future of Law Enforcement Training

Police departments all over the world are adopting advanced methods to maintain law and order. Virtual reality police training systems can be utilized for advanced training purposes without exposing officials to real-world risks.