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5 days

A Tale of Central Banks & Cryptocurrencies

While the currency in your wallet may give you assurances that you can trade it to buy necessary goods and services, the vacuum which central bank-issued fiat currencies are issued is more empty than one would imagine.

6 days

4 Machine Vision Use Cases for the Manufacturing Industry

Incorporating machine vision in manufacturing will benefit manufacturers by helping them predict production flaws in manufacturing lines, improving the quality, cutting down unnecessary costs, and achieving high productivity with automation.

11 days

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Sales

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in sales can help businesses score more leads, optimise new products and develop personalised marketing campaigns.

14 days

Benefits and Limitations of Computer Vision

Computer vision is a branch of computer science that allows machine systems to see, process, and interpret visual information in real-time.

15 days

4 Challenges to Artificial Intelligence Adoption and Their Solutions

While artificial intelligence (AI) gains traction as a core business enabler for organizations across different industries, a few barriers to AI adoption have slowed down the mainstream adoption and full-fledged applications of this technology. With time, investment, and continued experimentation, these obstacles will eventually be overcome, giving rise to a whole new generation of advanced AI applications.

17 days

Strategic Technology Trends in the Telecom Industry

The latest technology trends in telecom are helping the operators to provide improved communication facilities (wired as well as wireless) to users, while also ensuring increased revenue generation.

18 days

Bakkt To The Future For Cryptocurrencies

Takatoshi Nakano wiped another bead of sweat from his brow. With a complexion the color of sand and deep creases carved across his forehead, Nakano, the weather-beaten rice farmer on Japan’s Honshu island is hard at work, harvesting rice from his small plot.