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4 days

How to Enhance Cyber Security

When we go online, we leave traces of our data. We would never want our data falling into the wrong hands. Organizations that gather our data recognize this as a customer-centric and regulatory requirement; thus spending a lot of time and money to take active measures for enhancing cybersecurity.

5 days

Exploring the Combination of the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality

The combination of the internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) can enable organizations to not only gather data and generate actionable insights through a network of sensors, but also deliver those insights to the right people at the right time to create maximum impact.

5 days

Transforming Governments with Technology and Organizational Enablers

Transforming governments with technology is the newest optimization of statecraft that tends to the tech-savviness of the citizens and maximizes government efforts for running the state efficiently.

6 days

How Artificial Intelligence Can Save Our Planet

Never thought that artificial intelligence (AI) can save our planet? Let’s change that thought. Disaster response, smart farming, and pollution control are only a few ways environmental scientists are saving the earth with AI.

7 days

The Technology Wildfire

Fire – one of the first technologies we mastered around 230,000 years ago – isn’t much different from our modern day torch light, the smart phone. They both became vital work tools. We hunt with them, they give us access to new types of food, they provide signals and direction, and they facilitate all manner of night time activity which was previously impossible.

8 days

China is in Debt & What This Means for Cryptocurrencies

It’s a rib repeated regularly on the late night talk show circuit — how China essentially owns the United States because of how much the U.S. owes the Chinese. The only problem with this joke is that it’s stale — not because it’s no longer funny (it may still be) — but because the Chinese are just as much in hock to the hilt as the United States is.

9 days

Could Cryptocurrencies Provide the Alpha that Algos Evaporated on Wall Street?

Alpha (to use the language of Wall Street) is becoming more difficult to find in the markets. It’s a little like gold during the California gold rush of the 19th century. When news that gold was discovered, more and more people headed west towards San Francisco to make their fortunes. And while there was plenty of gold, more and more people started to know the best spots to pan for it and eventually what little gold was left had to be divided among more and more panhandlers (not the current day type of panhandlers).

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