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9 days

Leveraging Digital Twins to Enhance Customer Experience

Business leaders can develop digital twins that help blur the line between the virtual world and the physical one to offer better products and to enhance customer experience.

15 days

Can We Trust Killer Robots?

The introduction of killer robots in the military has led to a heated debate about their potential applications and misuse.

17 days

Artificial Intelligence Powered Biometrics

Artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics can work together to develop effective and reliable security models.

18 days

Big Data and Military Intelligence

Developing the Intelligent Fulcrum

20 days

Applications of Virtual Reality in Recruitment

The deployment of virtual reality (VR) in recruitment will address several recruitment challenges such as finding suitable talent, interviewing candidates on a global scale, employee training, and many more.

21 days

3 Types of Neural Networks that Artificial Intelligence Uses

Understanding the different types of artificial neural networks not only helps in improving existing AI technology but also helps us to know more about the functioning of our own neural networks, upon which they are based.

23 days

The Impact of Blockchain in Data Management and Data Security

With its tamper-free data storage, cryptographic validation, and immutable digital assets, blockchain stands tall amongst other contemporary data management tools. Blockchain and data management is a winning combination in this rapidly changing digital environment.