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14 days

Big Data’s Expanding Role in Intelligence Agencies

Governments are always seeking vital information about rival countries. To counter terrorism and proxy wars, intelligence agencies are keeping an eye on a lot of data to find clues and establish links between suspects. Using big data in intelligence agencies helps to manage extensive data by deriving insights from suspicious activities.

14 days

Big Data Policing – Here is What it Means

Law enforcement agencies have always aimed to stay one step ahead of the criminals to maintain an engaging social atmosphere in their jurisdictions. With exploding urban population, big data policing has come into the picture to aid the law enforcers.

15 days
15 days

5 Ways Conversational Commerce Can Help Your Business

Businesses search for ways to improve their sales and focus on enhancing customer experience. Technology has helped organizations in doing so for a long time. Conversational commerce stands as a technological innovation that can help businesses in reaching out to a bigger audience.


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