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19 days

The Age of Loyalty Programs Is Ending

I can just remember a time when airlines only had a business class and an economy class. Now, it will often take five minutes for a gate attendant at most airports to rattle through all the permutations of Silver, Gold, Platinum, Double Platinum, Uranium, Plutonium and Mithril flyers to let them know that they can in fact take the left hand lane with the red carpet rather than right hand lane with the plain carpet to get their gears stowed first.

20 days

Data Scientists to Defraud Fraudsters

Confronting frauds and fraudsters is unarguably one of the most important and urgent strategic challenges every organization faces today. Fraud is no longer an occasional outlier arising from the incidental mistake from a compliance standpoint. It has taken a centre stage as it had begun to strike from multiple channels and routes thanks to technological advancements enabling ease of access.

20 days

Moats, Boats & Bridges – A $1 Billion Innovation Roadmap

It is probable that every man at Shoptalk (and every man reading this article) owns some of our product. We’re Randa, the world’s largest men’s accessories company... and most of you have never heard of us.

20 days

4 Business Problems Blockchain Can Easily Solve

Solving business problems with blockchain ensures efficient functioning of an enterprise.


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