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22 days

Big Data in E-Commerce: Trends, Personalisation and Beyond

E-Commerce, as an industry, received a jump start because of the progress made by big data engines in providing critical and focused analytics to retailers.

23 days

AI-Backed Conversational Commerce: Hype or Reality

Conversational commerce is the new buzzword in town and many organizations are adopting it as a part of their marketing, sales, and customer care activities.

23 days

Are We Really Approaching a 'Cambrian Evolution' of Robotics?

With the growing advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, there arises a pertinent question – are we about to witness a Cambrian explosion of robots anytime soon?

23 days

Preventing Blackouts with Blockchain in Power Grids

Blackouts are disheartening as they disrupt the normal flow of operations for a business. Thanks to the blockchain technology, power grids could become smarter. 


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