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3 days

5 Interesting Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare

Machine learning is a path breaking technology that will allow medical professionals to improve human life. Being healthy and capable of doing basic tasks is one of the prime priorities for people across the globe.

4 days

5 Critical Questions to Ask an IT Outsourcing Company Before You Hire Them!

Outsourcing is actually the smartest thing to do in today’s intrinsically connected world. The challenges that discouraged companies from outsourcing their business processes in the past are now being overthrown with better communication solutions in place.

4 days

Deciphering China's Artificial Intelligence Dream

In March 2018, I read an article about the new Artificial Intelligence Arms Race which has been on my interests radar for a few years. What was new, was that this article referred to a paper from the Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford.

4 days

Exploring the Future of Machine Morality

Robots and machines are taking the right decisions. However, their choices are not always morally right. It’s time to focus now on machine morality.


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