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6 days

Blockchain's Next Move in 2018

We are about to witness some incredible innovation with new blockchain applications in 2018.

7 days

How Big Data Can Transform The Finance Industry

Big data in the finance industry will help overcome major challenges, gaining valuable insights to improve customer satisfaction and overall banking experience.

7 days

The Indian FinTech Realm: In a Nutshell

India is one of the forerunners in Digital Transformation, and FinTech marketplace is at the heart of this boom. The breadth and depth of solutions across FinTech Lending in the country is impressive and clearly indicates that a massive revolution is underway.

9 days

Machine Learning and Digital Advertising

Marketers have overcome challenges faced with traditional marketing practices by transforming digital advertising with machine learning.

11 days

Big Data and the Entertainment Industry

Big data in the entertainment industry enables authorities to have insights on customer trends, show schedules, and ad trends.

12 days

Why GDPR Will Change The World

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, the European Union's most recent efforts to combat the rise of both "fake news" and identity theft, has come from obscurity to becoming one of the biggest issues that anyone involved in data management has faced in years. The ideas behind it are relatively simple - by unifying a set of requirements on data management, the EU hopes to staunch the abuse of data about people that's collected for one purpose then sold for something very different.

12 days

Machine Learning Can Save Us From Disasters

Machine learning in disaster management holds the potential to use predictive analytics for alerting about upcoming calamities. Apart from predictions, it can also assist rescue teams by informing about damage levels.