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5 days

Leveraging the Power of AI Bots to Negotiate Deals on Behalf of Humans

Thanks to the capability of artificial intelligence (AI) to understand different languages and communicate effectively, organisations are now exploring the possibility of using AI bots to negotiate deals on behalf of humans.

6 days

Unleashing Blockchain in the Food Industry

Applications of blockchain in the food industry are not only improving the traceability of food and customers' safety but are also making farming more profitable and less uncertain for farmers.

8 days

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sector to automate functions like record-keeping and citizen services allows governments to focus on the more serious and non-routine issues.

9 days

The Dark Side of Big Data

Data is inarguably the key to organizational innovation, providing immense opportunities to companies for making informed business decisions. But, while organizations adopt big data, they should also consider the dark side of big data.

10 days

How to Program Humans

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea that they can be programmed, a discomfort that can very quickly escalate to full blown denial. Yet there is ample evidence to show that such programming is remarkably (indeed, entirely too) easy, and anyone who is involved in media, social media, advertising or organized religion can generally lay out most of the basics. Call the people who engage in this social programming “social programmers”, or for brevity, “sogrammers”.

11 days

Singularity Politics, or When AIs Grow Up

A General Artificial Intelligence is one that has achieved sentience. Sentience means, in effect, that it is aware of itself, is capable of multiple levels of recursive abstraction, and in general will not be programmed so much as taught. Arguably, a GAI is a specialized AI that can feel existential angst.

12 days

6 Challenges Blockchain Technology Must Overcome before Mainstream Adoption

Blockchain can potentially transform businesses, industries, and even economies, following its worldwide implementation. However, there exist significant challenges to blockchain adoption that need to be addressed first.