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4 days

Quantitative Dissonance in Cryptocurrency Trading

There is no more distinctive smell that takes you back to an era, a time and a space, then the scent of well-worn linoleum and the nylon, polypropylene blend that passes off as carpeting. And every time I return to New York City, I find my olfactory senses assaulted by this time travel potpourri as I walk up the short flight of steps leading to an old brownstone off 8th Avenue where a well-known New York psychic resides.

7 days

Bitcoin and the Rise of the Other Alternatives

Ever since its inception a decade ago, Bitcoin has grown from strength to strength and is getting closer to being considered as a globally accepted form of exchange. However, its intrinsic limitations have hindered its worldwide acceptance and have given rise to numerous alternate forms of currency, the most recent one being bitcoin cash.

10 days

Central Bankers Have Put Cryptocurrencies Back in Play

As those who have been engaged in the cryptocurrency space for some time will no doubt have noted, 2018 would be a year best forgotten. In the thick of a particularly heavy flow of buzzword diarrhea, every and all manner of town caller and snake-oil salesman was calling for “revolutionary change” and “disruption” of the financial services industry.

10 days

Artificial Intelligence and Personality Tests

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, a neurotic, or an amiable, an AI personality prediction tool will predict your personality traits by simply tracking your eye movements.

13 days

Reflecting on the 2018 Tech Predictions

A year goes by so quickly. The one minute you’re at the beginning, wondering what the next 12 months will bring. Before you know it, you’re at a Christmas party. Ok…… perhaps it’s not that swift, but it sometimes feels like that. In the tech world, a year is a very long time, though. So much progress takes place in 12 months, and it’s only when you look back at a perspective written 12 months prior, do you realize how much the landscape has moved. 

15 days

Cryptojacking is Emerging as a Menace for Corporations

The growing adoption of blockchain and the seemingly continued bullishness of the cryptocurrency market have led to the rise of cryptojacking, which impacts the target’s processing capabilities, unlike other forms of cyber threats which impact the target’s data.

15 days

How the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are Protecting Wildlife from Poachers

Wildlife is on the verge of extinction due to a rise of poaching activities. World governments are protecting endangered wildlife by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim to fix this serious issue.

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