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8 days

How Machine Learning Can Solve your PR Problems

Most organisations want to get noticed by customers to attract more business opportunities. Companies use public relations (PR) as one the means to communicate their strategy to the public. PR is a tough nut to crack, that's why experts are now leveraging machine learning (ML) techniques to solve the most complicated communication problems.

11 days

How Virtual Reality is Disrupting Various Industries

Virtual reality (VR) is gaining a lot of attention due to its amazing features. VR is a branch of computer science that allows users to immerse and interact in a simulated environment. Virtual reality is a complex, advanced technology that has seen great success for its short time span of full availability to consumers. From starting out as a new toy for gamers, innovators have found that virtual reality headsets are widely applicable. Virtual reality will not only disrupt the gaming sector, but also various other industries, such as education, retail, and entertainment.

12 days

Public and Private Blockchain: Which Type is the Most Suitable for Your Business?

In order to leverage the power of the blockchain technology, it is important to know its two major network types to understand what they can bring to your organisation. Public and private blockchain have their own set of benefits which is why it is necessary to analyze them to choose the best one for your business.

13 days

Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) has given a whole new meaning to data. It has, in all true sense, completely transformed the way we look at data and information. Even a minute detail can be very important for a business, and this is what this technology has made us realize. It has also become the foundation of various other new technologies and is supporting them to grow – Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are the perfect examples.

17 days

Four Signs Your Startup is Secretly a Relationship Company

Startups in Japan have a problem. It's the same problem that faces startup founders around the world, but the misunderstanding is so strong here that it causes a lot of companies to go out of business just as they should be starting to scale. 

19 days

Why Your ICO Investment Is Going To Zero

ICO tokens are similar to dividends and should be valued as such. However, valuing these tokens using something like discounted cash flow is a horrifying exercise.

20 days

Augmented Reality Will Revolutionise Healthcare in 2018

Augmented reality (AR) has evolved tremendously since its inception. The term "augmented reality" was first coined by Boeing researcher, Thomas Caudell in 1990. The technology changed how an NFL football game is perceived through television. Emmy award-winning Sportvision introduced the yellow first down line painted on the field in 1998, and the game has never been the same. Yet, AR does not only have a transformative impact on sports broadcasting but also on navigation, architecture, tourism, military or healthcare education and all the sub-fields of education in general. The purpose of any invention and technology is to simplify our life and augmented reality is no exception to this rule.