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10 days

Audit Firms Couldn’t Audit the Financial Crisis, How Could They Audit Tether?

Let me begin by saying unequivocally that I have no opinion behind the veracity of Tether’s claims about it’s dollar-backed stablecoins. I do not work for Tether nor am I affiliated with any organization which has any commercial or any other form of dealings with Tether. Legal disclaimer out of the way, I just wanted to go at some length about audit firms, their role in the last financial crisis and their inadequacy in performing their core function and why we expect far more from them than they are likely capable of delivering — especially when it comes to something as advanced as cryptocurrencies.

11 days

The Illusion of Low Inflation & the Hidden Alpha in Cryptocurrencies

    No they’re not lining up for a Justin Timberlake concert, this is Venezuela, where to get a loaf of bread is to endure hours of a special kind of humid hell. This is what rampant inflation looks like.

11 days

Deep Learning Applications for Natural Language Processing

Deep learning applications for natural language processing have given AI the ability to emulate human perception and cognition and has moved the technology one step closer to perfectly replicating the human abilities.

12 days

The Dark Side of Blockchain

Although numerous blockchain benefits are providing immense growth opportunities to companies, several risk factors such as security, the nascency of blockchain, and scalability still exist. This forces experts to ask, “how secure is blockchain?”

13 days

Artificial Intelligence and Water Management

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in water resource management has proven to make way for economic water distribution and water saving systems.

13 days

IoT Data Analytics: The Real Wealth for Business

While IoT networks are primarily used to gathering actionable insights and acting independently on those insights, businesses should realize the value of the data generated by IoT analytics and learn to use it to drive innovation.

14 days

Revolutionizing the Music Industry with Blockchain

Blockchain plays a prominent role in revamping the music industry by fixing pain points like piracy, dealing with intermediaries for licensing, and overcoming payment disputes.