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14 days

AI-Based Parking Systems Can Address Parking Woes

There are too many vehicles and not enough parking spaces! Traffic congestion caused by irregular vehicle parking is an alarming problem. AI-based smart parking can help ease the process of finding a parking spot and also help manage parking spaces better.

14 days

Mixed Reality Can Transform Healthcare

Building on the applications of virtual and augmented reality in healthcare, mixed reality is enabling healthcare service providers to coordinate, analyze, and control healthcare processes in a more convenient and effective manner.

15 days

10 Simple Tips To Get The Most Of Facebook Business Page

Once a startup itself, Facebook is currently the best stage to showcase and create deals for your startup!

16 days

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger: Reinventing the Supply Chain

The supply chain sector is worth billions of dollars. With new technologies – blockchain and distributed ledger making their way in the tech field, the supply chain industry promises to be worth a lot more.

16 days

Transforming the Construction Industry with IoT

Leading firms from different markets are leveraging the transformative power of IoT in construction to ensure maximized client satisfaction and minimized costs.

17 days

Beijing Bets On Blockchain

Don’t bet against blockchain as China seeks to do with the technology what it did with 5G.

17 days

AR and VR: The Future of Smart ​Education is Here

Modern technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality can offer immersive learning experiences that can be used to train learners of different ages for different purposes, effortlessly.

18 days

Could ICOs Fill The Void Of IPOs?

Valuing companies has always been more art than science and with shares of companies trading at multiples of infinity, should ICOs be revisited and even (gasp) revived?

18 days

Improving Customer Experience Using Augmented Reality

Organizations can offer unique services and enhance customer experience by utilizing augmented reality.

18 days

Benefits of Drones in the Insurance Industry

From assessing post-disaster damages to increasing worker safety to fostering financial savings, leveraging drones in the insurance industry will yield tremendous benefits to both insurers and the insurance companies alike.