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23 days

4 Major Edge Analytics Use Cases

Edge analytics is an approach that involves the acquisition, analysis, and computation of the collected data at the data source itself or endpoints, thereby eliminating the need to send back the data to a central data repository.

24 days

Building Smarter Supply Chains with IoT

The implementation of IoT in supply chain management will help organizations streamline multiple business procedures such as asset tracking, marketing, and maintenance.

25 days

Artificial Intelligence in the Entertainment Industry

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) in media and entertainment will help uncover innovative ways of creating and sharing content.

26 days

3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Transform Warehouse Management

Leveraging augmented reality (AR) for warehouse management activities like order allocation, inventory control management, order picking, and material handling can simplify and improve complex warehouse operations, thereby bolstering supply chain processes.

26 days

Cryptocurrency Startup Funding Is Anything But Trustless

With regulations few and far between, investors hoping to cotton on to the next big cryptocurrency startup are willing to trust almost anything and just about anyone.

27 days

China’s Cryptocurrency Represents An Entirely Different Worldview

For all the promise of decentralization, China’s central bank is close to launching its own cryptocurrency which will upend the decentralized and pseudonymous ethos upon which Bitcoin was first launched. The shakes are always the worst part of the day, if he could somehow get over the shakes, maybe the rest of the day would be bearable. In the searing summer heat of Hillsboro, Ohio, John Langley, a third-generation dirt farmer wants nothing more than a swig of an ice cold beer or an ale, a stout or a cider to quench his parched lips.

27 days

Central Bank Currency Devaluation Drives Demand For Cryptocurrency

As central banks devalue their currencies in a tit-for-tat race to the bottom, demand for cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin as a macro hedge has risen.