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3 months

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Sales

According to Teradata’s ‘State of AI for Enterprises’ report in October 2017, 80% of enterprises have active AI in production today, with Asia-Pacific leading all regions. With all the major tech companies reorienting themselves around AI and the announcement of self-driven cars from several automobile majors, we can say with conviction, that the AI wave has arrived.

3 months

Playing the Bitcoin Lottery

With Bitcoin blasting past US$9,000 in as many days, some traders have taken to snapping up “cheap” options should the world’s biggest cryptocurrency “moon.” But could such strategies benefit retail investors as well?

3 months

4 Ways Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Empower Financial Services

With its immersive experiences, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the finance industry will allow various institutions to offer the ultimate customer experience, thus enabling them to thrive amidst cutthroat competition.

3 months

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence can supercharge your CRM

The most basic aspect of striking a conversation with someone is to converse about something that would interest them. Yet, in a B2B business scenario, we are too focused on what we would like to sell rather than trying to know where a customer stands in their business journey, what their priorities are at that given point in time and more. All we do is, go after the leads assigned to us on our CRM.

3 months

Smart Cities: Separating Hype from Reality

The enthusiasm around smart cities has been intensifying like never before. But amid this madness, we often forget the inconvenient and sad truth about smart cities and their impact on us.

3 months

Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Education

Augmented reality and virtual reality have transformed several industry sectors and education is no exception. The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality in education will lead to the development of multiple applications to improve the learning experience of students.

3 months

Combating Climate Change with Technology

Many people and organizations, especially environmental experts and governments, are worried about the effects of pollution and climate change. As a result, these entities are planning the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and IoT to combat climate change.