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2 years

Whatsapp Has Reached 1.3 Billion Users

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet and WhatsApp says that 13.3% of them are using Whatsapp every day. The eight-year old messaging app reached the one billion active monthly user milestone a year ago, and now has 1.3 billion monthly active users, most of whom use it daily, according to the company.

2 years

Big Data in Healthcare

Big data analytics have transformed the way companies identify trends, challenges and opportunities. As businesses transform digitally using innovative technologies, healthcare faces the pressure of following suit. Healthcare providers and executives are utilising big data to improve patient outcomes while lowering costs.

2 years

The Next Big FinTech Innovation

There is huge interest and investment in alternative payment technologies to replace the use of traditional cash and bank cards across both digital and analogue transactions. In the last two decades, PayPal has become one of the major players in digital payments, although their business primarily operates through Ebay transactions. Tap-and-pay payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay have also become more prominent with the rise of smartphone usage and incorporation of NFC technology into smart devices.  

2 years

3D Printing is Back in the Spotlight

Following a disappointing mini-investment boom, the 3D printing market is finally back in the spotlight. Led by an ever-growing number of machines that allow anyone to print nearly any physical object they can imagine, the 3D printing market is set to defy expectations in the next up-coming years. 

2 years

Huawei's American Dream

Following the demise of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 owing to exploding batteries, the top-end of the phablet market is open for the first time in years. Huawei plans to bring a new high-end smartphone - The Mate 9 - to American consumers for the first time.

2 years

Airbus Profits Affected by A400M Costs

Airbus expect 2017 to be a challenging year, with weak cash flow and program hurdles to cross, but above the previous one's levels. The aircraft’s troubles overshadowed the rest of the group’s performance, where the overall result was ahead of expectations.

2 years

The Rise and Fall of Twitter

For over a year now, Twitter has serious financial issues due to a lack of growth. It has virtually stalled and there is now no contest. While Facebook has powered ahead beyond 1.5 billion active users, Twitter has virtually stalled and there is now no contest.