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6 months

Debunking 5 Virtual Reality Myths

Although the technology has been well-received and widely adopted among the tech community, misinformation and myths about VR have led to undue caution, and have consequently slowed its mainstream adoption.

6 months

How Smart Homes Impact Our Lives

Smart homes just like our smartphones are a natural transition in the current climate of technology. Being able to control the temperature of your house from anywhere in the world is one way technology is helping to create convenience. Smart technology is an environmentally friendly choice by making sure we aren’t unnecessarily using energy, by being able to turn lighting on and off and making sure our thermostats are accurately set. Using the technology of smart homes is becoming easier and easier, in-home cameras and smart speakers are a few examples, one gives the convenience of being able to see into your home when and the other is able to make the interface hands free. Most smart technology is easily accessed from a smartphone or if you are in your home, smart speakers can easily pick up voice commands.

6 months

Biochipping & Blockchain — Dystopian or Decentralized Future?

Of all the table games at casinos, I’ve always had a preference for blackjack — in particular because if you play disciplined basic strategy and count cards and the casino doesn’t use a card shuffling machine but deals from a 6-deck shoe (plus another bunch of rules which I won’t go into detail with), you can get the odds to within 48.5% in favor of the player — meaning the house has its odds whittled down to 1.5% over a disciplined player.

6 months

How IoT, AI and AR are reshaping the Retail Sector

No doubt, retail disruption is increasing its pace in this digital world. Artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) are reshaping the retail sector to a whole new level, offering personalized content to customers, enriching their experience, and fulfilling their demands significantly.

6 months

Advice to Governments Developing Cyber Weapons

Governments are the biggest investors in developing offensive cyber capabilities and collecting technical exploits. Such digital arsenals are an asset but also a potential liability. Security and protection is crucial to these highly transferable and reusable resources. Strategic planning and steps must be taken to avoid or minimize unintended consequences against government services, allies, businesses, and individuals.   

6 months

3 Killer AR Use Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

From healthcare to remote working, augmented reality (AR) use-cases are adding a new dimension to the fourth industrial revolution.

6 months

All that Glitters is Not Gold — But It’s Not Bitcoin Either

Luminaries of the cryptosphere such as Thomas Lee of Fundstrat, a research firm, liken Bitcoin to gold, as a potential store of value and a hedge (perhaps) against inflation. So far though, there is less obvious evidence of that. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is again pushing up against the US$4,000 level, hovering below this resistance, trading within the US$3,900 band as the world hurtles into 2019. Yet hedge funds are pouring into gold, in anticipation for greater volatility and turbulence in global markets in 2019. Now that technology stocks have fallen out of fashion and hedge funds as a whole have underperformed indexes in 2018, will Bitcoin be seen as a flight to safety?