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28 days

Why Your ICO Investment Will Lose Money in 2018

Cryptocurrency and ICOs are as different as dollars and donuts — literally, one is a medium of exchange and the other is something you purchase with that medium.

1 month

Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources (HR) not only helps to shortlist and recruit the best candidates but also tracks their evolution and performance in the workplace.

1 month

3 Lesser Known Applications of Machine Learning

Applications and uses of machine learning (ML) span across numerous industries. Companies are trying to leverage the technology continually. However, ML being a dynamic technology consists of applications we didn’t know about.

1 month

Why Consumers Don’t Buy More Sustainable Fashion?

Consumers say they are becoming more concerned about the impact fashion brands have on the planet. However, there is a huge gap between what consumers are saying and how they behave. Consumers say they want sustainable products, but they are buying mostly not so green products. If sustainability is so in, why aren’t more people buying ethically made clothes?

1 month

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

Startup Genome published the Global Startup Ecosystem Report for 2018 recently and I wanted to quickly summarise some of the key findings. 

1 month

3 Factors you Must Keep in Mind to Create a Successful Digital Workplace

Creating a successful digital workplace should involve a focus on employee-centred user experience, seamless information sharing, and citizen development support.

1 month

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t the Problem … Greed Is

Make this simple. The issue about the future of work is not about robots (or artificial intelligences) replacing human beings. It is about income security. Most people, when pressed, would be perfectly happy to not have to wake up every day, spend an hour on the road each way fighting traffic, deal with office politics or rude people or insane deadlines.