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4 months

Artificial Intelligence in the Gas and Oil Industry

The promising potential of artificial intelligence is already being realized in multiple businesses and industries. Now, can the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in oil and gas help overcome its limitations and maximize profits?

4 months

Debunking the Impact of Bad Data

The effectiveness of big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other data-dependent technologies rely heavily on the quality of data that is processed by them. While many methods of data cleansing are being explored and tested by researchers, very few have had the efficacy that is comparable to data cleaning with artificial intelligence (AI).

4 months

Everything You Need to Know about Embedded Analytics

With the help of embedded analytics, enterprises can put historical, translational, and also predictive data at their user’s fingertips, boosting their experience and satisfaction to significant levels.

4 months

Blockchain in Media

Monetizing and securing intellectual property has always been a concern for the media industry. And blockchain in media can lend a helping hand to the industry, revolutionizing the way content is being produced, aggregated, advertised, handled, and secured.

4 months

Is Artificial Intelligence Enabled Marketing to Things, the Future?

In a connected world where things are linked to other things and people, there are multiple touchpoints to manage. To a marketer, this means – they have to manage these touchpoints, which are invariably expected to increase in the days to come.

4 months

The Current Level of Artificial Intelligence Adoption

Right from the beginning of the year 2019, you could almost say that there is no doubt on the impact AI will have in the upcoming years. Reports from IDC states that the adoption of cognitive systems and AI will result in a drastic revenue increase worldwide from nearly $8 billion in 2016 to upwards of $47 billion in 2020.

4 months

Facebook Has Got Your Personal Life, Now They Want Your Personal Finances

The world’s biggest social network knows your life story, now they want to know how you spend your money. It may be based on blockchain, but Facebook’s digital coin has very little in common with Bitcoin.