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6 months

Money Could be So Much Better

Reach into your wallet and if you’re lucky, you probably have some crisp green notes inside. Take them out. Feel the cotton-linen blend between your fingers (that’s right greenbacks are not made of paper as the rappers would have you believe, they’re made of cotton and linen) and notice that unmistakable smell that is money. There’s nothing quite like having that tactile experience of money — better yet if that money has a portrait of Benjamin Franklin on it. From Rai Stones to seashells, mankind’s experience, encounter and regard for things of value has evolved throughout the ages and even today we’re evolving. Because that greenback that you just molested, is probably the closest you’ll get to government-issued money again as you go about your day.

6 months

How Bitcoin Became It’s Own Killer App

Appended to the Bitcoin genesis block, the cornerstone with you will, was a cryptic (no pun intended) message,

6 months

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will soon Revolutionise these 5 Industries

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain is set to transform numerous industries by spawning radically new applications.

6 months

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) in workforce management can eliminate the guesswork for managers while making personnel-related decisions to enable effective use of the available talent pool.

6 months

To Find Ethereum’s Worth You Have to Ignore its Price

If you’re reading this on your smartphone, there is an almost one in four chance that you’re reading it from an iPhone. Despite being ridiculously overpriced, prone to scratches and screen shatter (who puts glass on a phone that is obviously going to be dropped?) as of the third quarter of 2018, Apple, maker of the ubiquitous iPhone had a market share of 24.3% of the global smartphone market. Despite there being myriad alternatives to the iPhone, many of which are cheaper, boast better cameras, features, functions, memory and a host of other hardware items — we somehow (myself included) still very much love our iPhones.

6 months

Big Data in Medicine

Used majorly in research-based applications for testing, trying new drugs, and collating medical records, an extrapolation of these applications is proof of how big data saves lives in unconventional medical ways.

6 months

3 Surprising Chatbot Use Cases

With the advent of chatbots, businesses have opened up new dimensions of technological disruption. Know more with these smart chatbot use cases.