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4 months

The Benefit of Introducing Blockchain in IoT

As the IoT infrastructure keeps growing exponentially, security issues will become more common. Therefore, there is a dire necessity for high-end security solutions. Will the introduction of blockchain in IoT be able to solve this crisis?

4 months

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) - The Preferred Mode of Data Analytics

The term in the title is a recent entry to the list of something-as-a-service family (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). It is a web-based analytics service being offered by a specialist vendor who does it well, offers the economical, scalable, and flexible custom options to let the data-leaning organizations try in either a full-blown manner or a phased one depending on their need.

4 months

How Blockchain and Big Data Can Work Together to Enable Data Monetization

Multiple organizations can monetize their data to increase their revenue. In data monetization, blockchain can be a major contributor due to its advanced applications and decentralized nature.

4 months

Cyber Security: How to Prevent Credential Stuffing Attacks

Beware of an emerging security threat: Credential stuffing. This involves bots making high-volume login attempts with stolen user credentials to execute catastrophic account hijacking and takeovers.

4 months

Debunking Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain, despite the hype surrounding it, has some way to go before materializing in real-world applications beyond cryptocurrency, primarily due to an amalgamation of numerous factors stemming from the technology’s immaturity, making it inaccessible to those wishing to explore it. The advent of blockchain as a service can change that, allowing blockchain ideas to come into mainstream adoption.

4 months

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: A Perfect Match

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are two of the hottest technology trends right now. Even though the two technologies have highly different developing parties and applications, researchers have been discussing and exploring their combination.

4 months

Blockchain Bamboo May Be Remaking Financial Markets

Mark Wang curls his upper lip in frustration. The six-year-old stares blankly at the mess of figures in front of him, painfully aware both mentally and physically over the seemingly insurmountable task of sorting them out.