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29 days

Successful Approaches to Implement the Right AI Strategy

It is necessary to have the right artificial intelligence (AI) strategy before planning to deploy the technology in the organization. As the need for new and advanced technologies like artificial intelligence is proliferating, both industry behemoths and start-ups are actively making huge investments to leverage the power of AI. 

1 month

Three Major Challenges Facing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) — a universe of connected things providing key physical data and further processing of that data in the cloud to deliver business insights— presents a huge opportunity for many players in all businesses and industries. Many companies are organizing themselves to focus on IoT and the connectivity of their future products and services. For the IoT industry to thrive there are three categories of challenges to overcome and this is true for any new trend in technology not only IoT: technology, business and society.

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Here's Why You Must Care about a Future-ready Digital Twin Strategy

As the adoption of digital twin increases, the management of several devices and their business owners will only going to rise. This is why a future-ready digital twin strategy is necessary.

1 month

Deep Learning in Manufacturing

Employing deep learning in manufacturing enables companies to reduce costs incurred on hardware and software, optimize manufacturing machines, and accurately predict sales statistics based on previous company records.

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Five Challenges to IoT Analytics Success

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of ever-increasing complexity; it’s the next wave of innovation that will humanize every object in our life. IoT is bringing more and more devices (things) into the digital fold every day, which will likely make IoT a multi-trillion dollars’ industry in the near future. To understand the scale of interest in the internet of things (IoT) just check how many conferences, articles, and studies conducted about IoT recently, including a recent well written article about IoT future by SAP listing 21 experts insights about IoT future. This interest has hit fever pitch point last year as many companies see big opportunity and believe that IoT holds the promise to expand and improve businesses processes and accelerate growth.

1 month

12 Myths about Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, the "distributed ledger" technology, has emerged as an object of intense interest in the tech industry and beyond. Blockchain technology offers a way of recording transactions or any digital interaction in a way that is designed to be secure, transparent, highly resistant to outages, auditable, and efficient; as such, it carries the possibility of disrupting industries and enabling new business models. The technology is young and changing very rapidly; widespread commercialization is still a few years off. Nonetheless, to avoid disruptive surprises or missed opportunities, strategists, planners, and decision makers across industries and business functions should pay heed now and begin to investigate applications of the technology.

1 month

Are Smart City Projects Sci-Fi Fantasy ?

Despite the promise of a perfect lifestyle, ‘smart’ cities will end up becoming a sci-fi fantasy if the challenges are not resolved at the earliest.