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5 months

Traffic Management with Modern Technologies

While traffic is one of the most common effects of growing urbanization, the advent of modern technologies in traffic management will effectively reduce traffic issues, and consequently the commute time.

5 months

The Secret to Cryptocurrencies is 42

Douglas Adams’ A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a giant computer called Deep Thought, having spent exactly 7.5 million years pondering on Life, the Universe and Everything finally and solemnly announces that the Ultimate Answer is . . . “42”.

5 months

How Artificial Intelligence and Fintech Can Work Together

Artificial intelligence (AI) in fintech firms will bring in a new series of opportunities, like personalized wealth management, automated customer support, intelligent financial assistance, fraud detection, accurate decision-making, and so much more.

5 months

Cryptocurrencies & An Inflationary Tale

Hans Wagner shuddered whenever he was tasked by his mother to buy a loaf of bread at the local bakery in the tiny hamlet of Quedlinburg, Germany. Ever since the end of the Great War, inflation had run out of control across the Weimar Republic rendering the Reichsmark virtually worthless, meaning that something as simple as buying a loaf of bread could be a logistically challenging task.

5 months

The Truth about Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing has been an effective marketing approach for several businesses. But, are there any negative implications of implementing data-driven marketing?

5 months

Debunking Blockchain 3.0

Blockchain 3.0 targets to address the scalability, sustainability, cost, interoperability, and security related dilemmas that we had with blockchain 1.0 and 2.0, promising better solutions with a refined framework.

5 months

The IMF’s Answer to A Global Cryptocurrency

As Thomas Harding stood in the sweltering 100-degree heat beating down on his exposed forehead in downtown Phnom Penh, he started to regret not having brought his hat from the hotel, which was now a good 30-minute drive away.