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19 days

Drones for Waste Management

Using drones for waste management can help governments and waste management organizations in monitoring landfills, calculating airspace, and deterring littering.

20 days

How Chatbots are Becoming Fashion Gurus

With fashion-related suggestions, tips, and other useful information, a fashion bot can offer a compelling, personalized experience to a brand’s customers, acting as their personal virtual stylist.

20 days

Redefining Prenatal Care and The Childbirth Experience with Virtual Reality

Utilizing virtual reality (VR) for prenatal care and childbirth can help in monitoring the health of a fetus and reducing labor pains.

20 days

8 Tips for Analyzing Web Data

With the growth of the world wide web, much of the world’s data can be found in one place. It connects people to one another for business and pleasure, but it is also used to connect commerce and economies. Technology is a vital part of society’s daily functioning, and navigating through the zetabytes of information effectively can’t be done without the use of help. The Internet continues to explode with information, requiring new systems of analysis to help interpret what is important and what is not.

21 days

Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Smarter Recycling

Governments should consider implementing smart recycling using computer vision and machine learning to address major issues in waste management.

21 days

How Can Blockchain Benefit Different Industries?

“Blockchain has the potential to leapfrog technology advancements in emerging markets, in both the public and private sectors. CIOs of end users can use this research to evaluate, plan for and adopt blockchain wherever it has the potential to support business, economic and social objectives.” - Gartner

22 days

Blockchain's Role in Combating Payment Fraud

The technology’s features like tamper-resistance, decentralization, and immutability make the use of blockchain for fraud prevention promising.