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2 months

AI Enabled ERP Systems

The implementation of ERP systems is becoming standard practice for medium and large enterprises, while also growing in adoption among small businesses. As ERP adoption saturates the market, businesses are now looking at intelligent AI-enabled ERP as the new technological benchmark.

2 months

Introducing Extended Reality

Extended reality is a new member in the family of immersive technologies, where all AR, VR, and MR will converge to provide enterprises, as well as people, with compelling and expansive immersive experiences.

2 months

Overcoming AR and VR Cyber Security Risks

No matter how pervasive immersive technologies become, the enterprise market should always be mindful about the potential vulnerabilities and cybersecurity challenges of virtual and augmented reality.

2 months

Exposing the Dark Side of Smart Cities

Smart cities have the ability to transform the lives of its citizens. However, there is a dark side to these smart cities that can go unnoticed.

2 months

5G: The Key Enabler for Mass Adoption of AR and VR 

Despite the growing popularity and buzz, the mass adoption of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) still remains low. But with 5G’s offerings of low latency, high speed, high bandwidth, the AR and VR technologies will get pushed to the next level.

2 months

The Curious Conundrum of Custodizing Cryptocurrencies

Gregory Eaden tightens his jacket to brace the chill. It’s unseasonably cold for this time of year in New York City as he makes his way down the stairwell of a nondescript office building on West 44th Street and 8th Avenue.

2 months

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) - The Preferred Mode of Data Analytics

The term in the title is a recent entry to the list of something-as-a-service family (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). It is a web-based analytics service being offered by a specialist vendor who does it well, offers the economical, scalable, and flexible custom options to let the data-leaning organizations try in either a full-blown manner or a phased one depending on their need.