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25 days

The Transformative Power of Chatbots in the Manufacturing Industry

Leveraging chatbots in manufacturing can be the perfect solution to automate cumbersome, manual manufacturing activities, helping companies maximize their ROI and thrive in a competitive market.

27 days

How to Budget for a Growing Family

A growing family is a blessing but it can also be expensive. 

27 days

Benefits of Project Management Certification

Project management plays a very crucial factor in the organization's success as this is responsible for the project’s success and failure. 

27 days

Vital First-Year Goals for Business Startup Survival

The business world is competitive and not a field for the faint-hearted. To succeed in the entrepreneurship world, you need to be determined, enthused, and ready to face real challenges as well as stay focused. Significantly, besides coming up with a fine-tuned business plan and assessing your finances, you need to set up important goals. These are incredible business goals that will help you navigate through a tough startup business year.

27 days

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing An Email Marketing Software

The marketer of today is expected to be a wizard of sorts, pulling out cost-effective and path-breaking solutions from the creative hat all the time. While that is possible, picking the right tools to support the ambition of businesses today can be confusing.

28 days

To Libra or not To Libra

An interesting fact about Libra Facebook’s native currency which was announced June 18th, it’s inspired from three distinct elements: the Roman weight measurement system, the astrological sign for justice, and the French term for freedom. The culmination of these three elements embodies the essence of Libra, which aims to be a global cryptocurrency for everyone. The focus of Libra is to create a currency that empowers billions of people, allowing them to engage in friction-less financial transactions in a simple, secure, and cost-effective manner. 

28 days

Smart Cities and Sustainability

By using digital technologies, cities can be transformed not only to become connected and smart but also resilient and sustainable. Hence, smart cities and sustainability are related to each other.