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18 days

4 Reasons Why Organisations Fail in Successful Big Data Initiatives

Although big data has passed its peak in terms of hype and has become a fairly common part of numerous organizations, truly successful big data initiatives are still few and far between.

18 days

Blockchain and Digital Identity

The use of blockchain for identity management can prove to be an excellent technological fit for the purpose of ensuring personal privacy. It can also enable the sharing of identity information on an as-needed basis.

20 days

Challenges of the Internet of Things

From mitigating privacy threats to ensuring robust network connectivity to hiring highly skilled IT professionals to choosing the right internet of things (IoT) vendor, companies face unique challenges in IoT adoption.

20 days

8 Things to Keep in Mind before Going through any Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is a segment of your marketing plan that deals with the management of any media that you create and own – written or visual. Along with content curation, one needs to form a deliberate strategy and execute this plan in an efficient manner to attain the desired results.  

21 days

Smart Data Is Rewriting the Insurance Sector

There’s a little secret that ontologists know that should make insurance companies, and that makes quite a few other people sweat more than a little bit. That secret is simple — insurance is not really all that complicated if you get all the quasi-standards out of the way.

21 days

The Nexus Between Employer Branding and Successful Digital Transformation

Attaining employer branding in the age of digital transformation is crucial for an organization to acquire better employees and to open opportunities for various business prospects in the economy with a well-known name.

23 days

NextGen Blockchain and the Tokenisation of Everything

The Democratisation of Assets Tokenization is the process of converting an asset into a digital asset or token that can be traded, transferred, moved, recorded or stored on a transparent, time-stamped and irreversible Blockchain system. Source: Medium