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20 days

4 Ways AI is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare will not replace doctors, it will rather assist them to perform more effectively.

21 days

Top 5 Web Development Startups of 2018

Tech Start-ups are the most trending things among investors and entrepreneurs due to the serious innovations they offer. Who knows which upcoming tech advancement will reshape our lives forever?

22 days

Dopamine & the 3 Ds: Discounts, Discovery & Delight

The lofty, challenging goal for retail is to encourage a customer to buy… buy often, buy a lot, and be delighted... 

24 days

Machine Learning and Cyber Security

Due to the growing risk of hackers, companies need advanced technology to enhance their cybersecurity. Using machine learning to tackle cybersecurity issues could help companies to secure all digital assets efficiently.

24 days

Top 5 Big Data Best Practices

Big data - the word says it all - is an enormous amount of data that gets collected and generated across organizations, social media, Internet, and various other sources. 

24 days

Big Data and Organizational Culture

The impact of leveraging big data in your organization could prove to be a boon or a bane.

24 days

Big Data Utopia – a Myth or Reality?

Big data utopia can become a reality if an organization leverages analytics to streamline its processes. If big data utopia becomes a reality, it holds the potential to transform multiple industries.