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1 month

Peeking into the Black Box of Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) applications are becoming increasingly capable of solving even the most complex of our problems requiring human-like cognition, the black box of artificial intelligence makes it difficult for us to understand how these systems actually go about solving these problems.

1 month

Internet of Things in Sports

The developments in the internet of things (IoT) are already building smart cities and governments. But, the presence of IoT in sports has led to the creation of innovative applications that would revolutionize the entire industry.

1 month

The Artificial Intelligence Weapons Debate

Artificial intelligence (AI) weapons can attack with increased speed and precision than the existing systems. But is AI smart enough to operate without human intervention, identify targets, and ethically decide whom to kill and whom not to?

1 month

10 Myths about Cloud Computing

Cloud is recognized as facilitating “speed-to-market” – and for its ability to drive business agility. This is because cloud supports rapid experimentation and innovation by allowing companies to quickly try and even adopt new solutions without significant up-front costs. The #Cloud can be a highly agile wrapper around different systems, different behavior and bringing it all together in an engagement cycle. By changing the way people interact with technology, cloud enables new forms of consumer engagement, expand collaboration across the value chain and bring innovation to companies’ core business models.

1 month

The Benefits of Blockchain

Although the business value promised by the technology makes it a tantalizing proposition for all businesses, leaders must avoid the trap of feeling the need for blockchain driven purely by the fear of missing out.

1 month

Connected Healthcare: A Smart​ Way to Keep Physicians Away

Remote monitoring, fitness bands, telemedicine, and other wearable technologies are offering incredible patient touchpoints, thereby offering timely and effective healthcare with enhanced satisfaction to patients. No wonder, connected healthcare is showing tremendous impact in the medical space.

2 months

Everything You Need to Know about the Decentralized Web

Web 2.0, the current Internet version, has a special room for drawbacks, ranging from servers going down to grifter threats. To address all of these issues, a new version of the Internet, decentralized web (Web 3.0), is coming soon.