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6 months

How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Automotive Industry

Blockchain will soon disrupt the automotive industry thanks to its decentralized data ledger features. The technology is set to empower end users with autonomous cars and optimized routes by solving everyday traffic issues.

6 months

Public and Private Blockchain: Which Type is the Most Suitable for Your Business?

In order to leverage the power of the blockchain technology, it is important to know its two major network types to understand what they can bring to your organisation. Public and private blockchain have their own set of benefits which is why it is necessary to analyze them to choose the best one for your business.

6 months

Leveraging the Power of Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) has given a whole new meaning to data. It has, in all true sense, completely transformed the way we look at data and information. Even a minute detail can be very important for a business, and this is what this technology has made us realize. It has also become the foundation of various other new technologies and is supporting them to grow – Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are the perfect examples.

6 months

Blockchain and The Manufacturing Industry

The Blockchain technology is largely associated with the financial sector but its distributed ledger functionalities can be extended to other industries as well. Its successful approach to security has made it a valuable asset to companies that are looking for technologies that help them maintain data securely.

6 months

What is SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS?

Cloud Computing has changed the way business is being done in the last decade. Every company has either moved or preparing itself to move to cloud. Even some of the biggest giants like SAP is focused on offering services on Cloud, Hana cloud Platform (HCP) is going to see a lot of change in 2018.

6 months

Four Signs Your Startup is Secretly a Relationship Company

Startups in Japan have a problem. It's the same problem that faces startup founders around the world, but the misunderstanding is so strong here that it causes a lot of companies to go out of business just as they should be starting to scale. 

6 months

Cyber Security Facts 2018

Cyber security is a rising problem. With the increase of the number of individuals sharing  information and lives online, there is a higher possibility of someone exploiting that information.

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