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20 days

Why Amazon is Interested in Bone Conduction

Amazon's Lab126 is rumored to be working on bone conduction. It could be packaged in an "eyeglasses-attachment" or "headband" that speaks to you by vibrating the bones in your skull. It's called bone conduction.

20 days

3 Big Data Use Cases in the Retail Industry

The relevance of big data is only rising in every sector. The retail industry is not holding back on this front as well! No wonder big data use cases across the retail industry, today, abound.

21 days

Blockchain & Internet

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way we transact by giving the world a new domain of currency – the cryptocurrency. But, blockchain has the potential to do more than just transactions. In this article, we look at possible use-cases of blockchain and address the chatter around blockchain being the new Internet.

23 days

Blockchain Can Make you a Happier Person

Happiness index on blockchain helps gauge customer satisfaction and customer behavior by analyzing customer sentiments; thus creating happiness amongst people.

24 days

3 Ways You Can Improve Patient Care with Technology

Technology has come a far way and has received widespread acceptance. Patient care with technology becomes easier as it provides doctors with unique functionalities.

27 days

Rewiring Business Operations with Blockchain

Businesses prefer the efficient operation of processes that result in a hike in their sales. With technologies assisting organizations in automating several processes, rewiring business operations with blockchain helps in ensuring that all the processes are working correctly and yielding better results.

28 days

Top 5 Admin Dashboard Design Trends

The admin panel is the backbone of every sophisticated management system, may it be a CMS, an HRM or a CRM, there is one for every deal. Being a professional and experienced web design company, we have seen more admin panels than anything else in our span of operation. Admin panel not only helps organise things at one place, it also provides a great control over several things at once.