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24 days

3 Ways You Can Improve Patient Care with Technology

Technology has come a far way and has received widespread acceptance. Patient care with technology becomes easier as it provides doctors with unique functionalities.

27 days

Rewiring Business Operations with Blockchain

Businesses prefer the efficient operation of processes that result in a hike in their sales. With technologies assisting organizations in automating several processes, rewiring business operations with blockchain helps in ensuring that all the processes are working correctly and yielding better results.

28 days

Top 5 Admin Dashboard Design Trends

The admin panel is the backbone of every sophisticated management system, may it be a CMS, an HRM or a CRM, there is one for every deal. Being a professional and experienced web design company, we have seen more admin panels than anything else in our span of operation. Admin panel not only helps organise things at one place, it also provides a great control over several things at once.

29 days

This is How Machine Learning Can Drive Space Exploration

Machine learning in space exploration opens a new door for innovation, we never thought existed. Machine learning is about the understanding of data and statistics, where computer programs find patterns in data, which results in continuously improving machine outcomes. Machine learning enables computer systems to adapt to changes on its own without being programmed explicitly.

29 days

Machine Learning is the Panacea for Patients

Machine learning in patient care is a combination of medicines and machines, which helps to improve a patient’s overall health, including accurate diagnosis and better treatment plans.

29 days

Car Sharing is the Way to Go for a Smart Nation

In late 2017, photographs of giant tissue packets labelled ‘Chope King’ that were circulating made waves across social media platforms in Singapore. These giant tissue packets were used to reserve parking spaces in congested spots across the CBD, highlighting one of the biggest woes faced by drivers in Singapore: limited parking spaces.

1 month

The Idea of Giving Machines a Voice - Yay or Nay?

By giving machines a voice, the possibility of machines communicating with other machines as well as humans is becoming a reality. We are in the age of automation and are surrounded by smart devices that automate or allow people to be able to complete their tasks with least buffer time.