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2 months

Discovering the Benefits of Synthetic Data

Although artificial intelligence (A)I is getting more advanced due to an exponential rate of development, limitations to this modern technology still exist. So, can synthetic data be the solution for all AI-related concerns?

2 months

The Evolution of Precision Forestry

The newest forest management approach, precision forestry, emphasizes leveraging modern-age technologies to meet long-term sustainable goals like alleviating deforestation, reducing the negative environmental impact, and improving the air quality.

2 months

No Cryptocurrency Markets Without Manipulation

James Eaden was pissed off. He stared slackjawed at his screen, dumbfounded by just how out of control things had gotten.

3 months

Key Ingredients to Being Data Driven

Companies love to exclaim “we’re data driven”. There are obvious benefits to being a data driven organization, and everyone nowadays has more data than they can shake a stick at. But what exactly does an organization need to be “data driven”?

3 months

Life Insurance Policy & Cryptocurrencies

When Glen Moore purchased an annuity plan with American insurance giant AIG, he was drawn to the guaranteed interest earnings and the opportunity to provide for his and his wife’s retirement.

3 months

Making Smart Cities Secure​ with Blockchain

Several modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT) have been incorporated in smart cities to collect crucial data. But, data security has always been a major issue. Hence, developing smart cities using blockchain is the optimal solution for taking care of all data security concerns.

3 months

The Samsung Coin

Samsung Coin on Blockchain is Corporate Crypto "Breaking Bad"