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2 months

The Shape of the Future

Reviewing visuals from the first ever television programme is interesting. You’ll notice that they were basically radio shows, which happened to be filmed. A couple of people. In a room. With a camera. A few years earlier, they would have been in the exact same setting, doing audio recordings. Early TV was essentially still an audio programme with pictures. It took them (the television producers) many years to realise that things didn’t have to be the same shape.

2 months

3 Challenges Self-Driving Cars Need to Overcome to Become Mainstream

Modern-age technologies and their applications are bogged down by several problems. There are many challenges for self-driving cars, ranging from cybersecurity risks to high costs to technical issues, that prevent mass adoption.

2 months

Unlocking the importance of Enterprise of Things

The Enterprise of Things (EoT) is essentially the use of IoT to gather data, analyze it, and act on it for enhancing enterprise operations. IoT network and devices can be used not only to support peripheral parts of business processes, but can entirely replace the existing core systems to provide end-to-end connectivity and achieve operational excellence. Becoming aware of and deeply understanding the Enterprise of Things will enable business leaders to recognize how this model of implementing IoT can fit into their organizations.

2 months

How to Enhance Cyber Security

When we go online, we leave traces of our data. We would never want our data falling into the wrong hands. Organizations that gather our data recognize this as a customer-centric and regulatory requirement; thus spending a lot of time and money to take active measures for enhancing cybersecurity.

2 months

Exploring the Combination of the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality

The combination of the internet of things (IoT) and augmented reality (AR) can enable organizations to not only gather data and generate actionable insights through a network of sensors, but also deliver those insights to the right people at the right time to create maximum impact.

2 months

Transforming Governments with Technology and Organizational Enablers

Transforming governments with technology is the newest optimization of statecraft that tends to the tech-savviness of the citizens and maximizes government efforts for running the state efficiently.

2 months

How Artificial Intelligence Can Save Our Planet

Never thought that artificial intelligence (AI) can save our planet? Let’s change that thought. Disaster response, smart farming, and pollution control are only a few ways environmental scientists are saving the earth with AI.

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