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25 days

3 Back-Office Processes You Can Improve with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to enhance back-office efficiency with brand new applications, automating mundane and tedious tasks enhancing the overall business productivity.

27 days

How AR and VR can Help Improve Your Mental Health

Poor mental health can disturb one’s ability to live a fulfilling and hearty life. Technologies like VR and AR are now playing the role of therapists to help patients with improving mental health.

28 days

Blockchain and the Telecommunications Industry

Following its mainstream popularization in the recent years, blockchain has seen a steady increase in application, either in the form of proofs-of-concept or pilot projects. While the earliest and most obvious field of application of this technology is the banking and financial services industry, blockchain can be used to revamp any process that would benefit from increased decentralization, transparency, security, and immutability of data. Hence, the adoption of blockchain has spilled out of finance and is spreading into other industries like healthcare and agriculture. One such industry that can benefit immensely from blockchain adoption is the telecommunications industry. The use of blockchain in telecom can not only help in improving telecom services but can help in the creation of entirely new business models.

28 days

Mind-Blowing Blockchain Applications

Blockchain applications are helping organizations manage digital asset transactions better, eliminating the need for intermediaries and escalating the pace of doing business.

29 days

Robots in the Entertainment Industry

Good news out for all stage managers! The future is near when robots will help you with stage management, from handling cameras to producing stage props to greeting actors.

1 month

How Virtual Reality can Empower Women

Virtual reality can provide numerous benefits to women, from making smarter purchases to eliminating gender bias.

1 month

Leveraging the Power of AI Bots to Negotiate Deals on Behalf of Humans

Thanks to the capability of artificial intelligence (AI) to understand different languages and communicate effectively, organisations are now exploring the possibility of using AI bots to negotiate deals on behalf of humans.