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1 month

How Robotic Process Automation is Reshaping Education

With its automation capability, RPA tools will boost the accuracy and efficiency of the otherwise mundane administrative work. Indeed, RPA for education can be a catalyst for innovation in the sector.

1 month

Overcoming the Challenges to Data Integration in IoT

The problem of data integration in IoT is among the biggest hurdles to IoT adoption that businesses across the world are experiencing with the continued propagation of the technology. Solving this challenge may require technology leaders to rethink and revamp their traditional IT infrastructures.

1 month

Big Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The advent of big data in the pharmaceutical industry will enhance R&D, improve clinical trials, and upgrade drug discovery.

1 month

Reviewing the 11 Hot and Not Cybersecurity Trends

Recently an article came out describing several cybersecurity trends which are hot and a few that are going cold. I read through the list and made a quick comment in LinkedIn that I was not entirely in agreement with the assessment. I figured that would be the end of it, but a colleague asked if I would elaborate. 

1 month

Cyber Criminals are Taking Crypto Attacks to the Next Level

Coinbase recently thwarted a very clever hacking attempt by cyber criminals. 

1 month

8 Types of Security Threats to IoT

Businesses need to be aware of the different IoT security threats and implement an all-round cybersecurity strategy to protect themselves.

1 month

Shadow IoT is a Threat to your Business: Here's How to Deal with It

Leveraging IoT-enabled devices within companies without the IT department’s knowledge can attract hackers. Organizations should, therefore, defend against the threats of shadow IoT by enforcing stringent policies and controlling access rights.