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25 days

Cryptocurrencies Exist Because of Alternative Demand

Central bankers are feeling the heat of Facebook’s Libra digital currency project — but beyond an existential threat to central bank seigniorage, cryptocurrencies are raising the fundamental question of what money is to begin with.

25 days

Debunking Computer Vision Applications

Applications of computer vision range from helping in medical diagnostics and inspecting products for quality control to optimizing crop yields and monitoring livestock health, showcasing the promise of the technology.

27 days

Why Governments Need to Regulate Data Ownership

Governments must regulate data ownership to prevent privacy violations and ensure that businesses use modern technologies ethically.

28 days

Drone Applications in Oil and Gas

Drone applications in oil and gas will help in simplifying many business workflows such as site exploration, inspections, security, and worksite safety.

28 days

New Opportunities for IT in Healthcare

IT is a huge buzzword in healthcare right now, but what does it really mean? Have you heard the word so much it's lost all its meaning? Healthcare is personal. It touches you, your friends, your family, and the people you work with. Digital transformation is about creating new connections between people, machines, and devices.

29 days

Augmented Reality and Navigation: The Perfect Partnership

By providing an interactive virtual 3D approach to navigate from one place to another, augmented reality (AR) navigation ushers in the amazing and exciting future of the transportation and logistics industry.

29 days

The Importance of Network Security

Network security has long been a vital process in every organization to effectively ensure that no outside party can harm their network and resources in any way possible. As the industry moves forward, the way organizations monitor their networks has also evolved. Computers, tablets and mobile phones you have today come along with automatic software updates. As organizations become more connected and dependent on data, they become more vulnerable to threats that could severely damage their networks. Network security is important because: