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2 months

How to Secure the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (#IoT) as a concept is fascinating and exciting, but the key to gaining real business value from it, is effective communication between all elements of the architecture so you can deploy applications faster, process and analyze data at lightning speeds, and make decisions as soon as you can.

2 months

How Artificial Intelligence Will Kickstart the Internet of Things

The possibilities that IoT brings to the table are endless. #IoT continues its run as one of the most popular technology buzzwords of the year, and now the new phase of IoT is pushing everyone to ask hard questions about the data collected by all devices and sensors of IoT.

2 months

Data Culture is the Key to Successful Digital Transformation

To unlock the real potential of data, organizations have to work around it intelligently; else they will have to face the perils of mishandled data. And this is why data culture matters!

2 months

Is IoT Making Way for Smart Agriculture?

Modern technologies have revolutionized every industry sector and agriculture is no exception. Smart farming using IoT will give rise more efficient farming techniques and transform the agricultural sector.

2 months

The Truth about Drones: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Like other technologies, drones come with a wide spectrum of advantages. But, along with the positives, the sad truth about drones is that there are certain burning flaws like sudden crashes, hacker risks, and privacy issues that plague the technology.

2 months

The Benefits of Edge Computing in IoT

As organizations continue to push for the integration of technologies and information sources to streamline their functioning and coordination, the need for decentralizing is also gaining importance as a way to enhance the responsiveness of these systems.

2 months

Fog Computing is Vital for a Successful Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a remarkable transformation of the way in which our world will soon interact. Much like the World Wide Web connected computers to networks, and the next evolution connected people to the Internet and other people, the IoT looks poised to interconnect devices, people, environments, virtual objects and machines in ways that only science fiction writers could have imagined.