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18 days

How to Protect Yourself from Becoming a Bad Leader

Nobody starts out wanting to be a bad leader. Yet, in research we conducted, more than 50% of respondent rated their leader as being below average based on success and effectiveness.

18 days

Surviving the 4th Industrial Era

Suppose that jobs went away. Not all jobs, mind you, but many, perhaps upwards of 90%. Some of those are in hard-manual labor territory, like coal mining. Some are in the services industry such as driving a taxi. Some are in high tech, like programming. Not a few will be in areas such as sales and management, politics or journalism. What happens next?

18 days

The Evolution of Blockchain

Bitcoin and the first blockchain innovation came into existence for over a decade. They were created with the idea of providing an easier platform to transfer value between two parties, without the need of a third-party. Blockchain has been a revolutionary innovation ever since its inception widely used across multiple industries.

21 days

Five Factors Supporting the Rapid Growth of Robotics Through 2022

The robotics industry has witnessed a tremendous growth during these past couple of years. In the past, the interaction between machines and humans used to be boring and limited. But, recent development helped robots become much more efficient and entertaining. Today's robots can verbally interact, provide help and save lives. They are becoming much more smarter with every passing day.

22 days

How to Successfully Manage an Offshore Team

Over years I have seen a lot of companies struggle to have a cultural fit with a remote team. The remote team could be an offshore or nearshore team in a vendor place or in its own subsidiary. I thought of writing this article to share some of the experiences, it is not a comprehensive list as I could write a book on it and still be left out with some of my thoughts.

24 days

Japan’s Toxic Overtime Culture Shows Why Technology Can’t Fix Us

We were told that technology would fix it. In 1930 John Maynard Keynes predicted that the work week would need to be reduced to 15 hours in response to improved productivity from automation. It hasn’t worked out that way. Things certainly have gotten better. Economies have grown, standards of living have increased, workplaces have become safer, but we are working more than ever.

25 days

Machine Learning cares about your Customers

Most business owners care about their customers. They are genuinely concerned when it comes to replacing humans with machines. Machine learning (ML) aims to transform user experience by creating a strong bond between customers and technology.