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Technology is Our Future

Today, we can create most things we can imagine. But this wasn’t always the case. Technology has made this possible. Which technologies and how are they shaping the products we build, the businesses we run and the world in live in? 

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sector to automate functions like record-keeping and citizen services allows governments to focus on the more serious and non-routine issues.

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5 Ways Bots are Helping with Financial Management

From interacting with customers to overseeing payments and transactions, the applications of chatbots in financial services and banking have become increasingly common.

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The Dark Side of Big Data

Data is inarguably the key to organizational innovation, providing immense opportunities to companies for making informed business decisions. But, while organizations adopt big data, they should also consider the dark side of big data.

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How to Program Humans

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea that they can be programmed, a discomfort that can very quickly escalate to full blown denial. Yet there is ample evidence to show that such programming is remarkably (indeed, entirely too) easy, and anyone who is involved in media, social media, advertising or organized religion can generally lay out most of the basics. Call the people who engage in this social programming “social programmers”, or for brevity, “sogrammers”.

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Ten Megatrends for 2020

Recently, I wrote a tribute to the late Futurist Alvin Toffler, who passed away last week at age 87. In many respects, he is considered the father of business futurism, and his notions (along with others such Michael Naisbitt and Faith Popcorn) helped to lay out the big trends that tend to influence events over decades.