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Blockchain in the Aviation Industry

Blockchain in aviation will open up new waves of opportunities like maintenance transparency, flight data security, reduction in instances of flight overbooking, helping the industry to boost its efficiency and accuracy levels.

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The Growing Role of the Internet of Things in Education

The advent of the internet of things (IoT) in education will help in the development of innovative applications that can improve the quality of education.

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Why Businesses Should Invest in Decentralized Applications

As civilization transitions towards an increasingly decentralized and democratized future, it is time businesses adapt to the trend and transition to using decentralized applications in their enterprise operations as well as consumer offerings.

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Blockchain's Role in Curbing Identity Theft

Blockchain’s strong validation technique - cryptography - offers tight protection against data attacks, thereby providing a great opportunity for the government and people to prevent identity theft.

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Exploring the Role of IoT in Making Warehouses

Warehouses of today are beyond just the four walls which were used to store inventory. The introduction of IoT has helped in building a smarter warehouse, serving as a hub to drive operational excellence and cost savings.

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Introducing Voice of the Customer Technology

Voice of the customer technology is the latest among the different ways in which businesses keep their finger on the pulse of their customer base. With the help of technologies like analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), voice of the customer can eventually become the primary source of market intelligence for businesses.

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Samsung Note 10 Launch Scheduled for Today

Samsung is going to unveil its 9th generation Note series smartphone today in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center. It's one of the most anticipated mobile launches of the year and it will dethrone the Note 9 as this year's Note flagship.