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29 days

How the Internet of Thing Stands for Sustainability

Use cases of the internet of things (IoT) for sustainability offer benefits, ranging from preserving finite resources to maintaining the standard of citizen’s life to fostering financial savings.

1 month

Benefits of Real Estate Chatbots

From around the clock availability and prompt responsiveness to better lead generation and engagement, real estate chatbots can be a truly revolutionary innovation for the industry.

1 month

Could Non-Transparent ETFs Pave The Way For A Cryptocurrency ETF?

Opacity is as opacity does, so should it ultimately matter whether or not the opacity of an ETF’s underlying instruments applies to security selection or the underlying asset itself?

1 month

Machine Madness in Cryptocurrency Trading

Even by the standards of the cryptoverse, claims of applying “machine learning” and “deep learning” tools to cryptocurrency trading should raise more than an eyebrow of skepticism.

1 month

How Drones Can Reinvent the Retail Experience

The retail sector has leveraged many technologies that have taken the industry forward. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) robots, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the internet of things (IoT), and drones have proven beneficial not only to the sellers but also to the consumers. Retail stores can improve their efficiency and provide better consumer experience by using technology like AR, computer vision and in-store drones.

1 month

How Augmented Reality Can Ensure Quality Control in Manufacturing

Using augmented reality (AR) for quality assurance will help manufacturing companies prevent defects during the production process, eventually helping them deliver the best products to customers.

1 month

Reinventing Government Services with Artificial Intelligence

The use of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in government services has increased in the past few years. Governments are leveraging these technologies to achieve sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development.