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2 months

Ensure Artificial Intelligence Safety Before Worrying about the Singularity

With artificial intelligence (AI) research and development progressing at an unprecedented rate, artificial superintelligence seems closer than projected by most. It is more imperative to secure AI safety now as any later might be too late.

2 months

Making the Most out of Data

The data-driven marketing trend has hit marketers hard. But, in the pursuit to keep up with the pace of technological trends, most marketers often fail to make the most out of data they collect.

2 months

The Financialization of Everything Challenges the Decentralization of Anything

Sally Harper neared the front of the line to pay for her almond milk decaf latte, she didn’t reach for her purse or her handbag — they were still locked away in her office drawer.

2 months

Artificial Intelligence: The Takeover is Underway

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great technological advancement and promises to eventually dominate almost every domain. It may undoubtedly prove beneficial for the future but a complete AI takeover is also highly likely, if due measures aren’t taken now.

2 months

Will Blockchain Really Deliver as Promised or Will it be Just Another Overhyped Technology?

Some think that blockchain will fix the trust gaps in organizations when they transact with anonymous identities, while also increasing transparency, productivity, and efficiency in business. But, others believe that it is just an overhyped technology. So, what’s the ultimate truth about blockchain?

2 months

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Detect Brain Tumor and Lung Diseases

After revolutionizing various industry sectors, the introduction of artificial intelligence in healthcare is transforming how we diagnose and treat critical disorders.

3 months

Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

From automating and speeding up the process of designing new models of cars to enabling cars to drive themselves, digital transformation in the automotive industry is redefining the way vehicles are conceived, assembled, and operated.