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10 months

E-Commerce Business Setup - Let’s Get it Right

The user experience you offer and the power of business you get with your e-store are the most important ingredients of building a successful e-commerce business. Well a great Ecommerce strategy is a good starting point but the technology that you choose drives the end result. What if you get an e-commerce solution which has features, capability and flexibility to match your business requirements and is comparable to the ones used by e-commerce giants? Will this help you in building a sustainable e-commerce business?

10 months

Eye-tracking: A Technology that will Transform Marketing

Eye-tracking technology can reveal some startling insights that can benefit every business field, especially marketing.

10 months

How to Earn a Virtual Fortune

Tomorrow, Stephen is going to a friend’s wedding. He shares with me his dilemma. “I need a new tie.” I inquire, “You don’t have a single tie to wear?” Stephen shakes his head, “I have a tie. I wore it to a wedding last week.” Now I get it. I share my thinking; men are becoming more like women in their fashion awareness and sensitivity, they want to look unique amongst their peers. Stephen doesn’t want to be seen in the same tie two events in a row.

10 months

Why You Need a Signature Look

Tom Wolfe wore white, Johnny Cash wore black, and Albert Einstein wore grey. Lady Gaga wore meat. Diane von Furstenberg? That's a wrap.

10 months

Virtual Reality in Business

Marketers must understand the importance of VR for competitive advantage in a constantly changing marketplace and plan to capitalize on it.

10 months

IoT is Transforming Telecommunications - Here's How

Unlimited data growth with IoT in telecommunications can bring the necessary impetus for transforming the industry.

10 months

4 Ways You Can Leverage Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In the age of tremendous technological growth, AR and VR truly stand out. With retailers and industrialists trying to increase their productivity, leveraging AR and VR could be the way forward.

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