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11 months

Big Data and Customer Sentiment Analysis

Brands are now getting smarter by taking actions based on customer sentiment. Not only brands but also political parties and governments are looking at social sentiments as a valuable resource for growth. With big data, real-time customer sentiment analysis has become possible.

11 months

How to Design Forms on Your Website for the Best Lead Generation Results

Leads are important for all kinds of businesses but not all websites are able to produce them in the same amount.

11 months

Successful Context-Aware Decisions Work in a Continuous Loop

Successful context-aware decisions are possible by integrating context-aware services with collaboration tools that help enterprises deliver outstanding customer service, share ideas, and resolve issues.

11 months

Discounts, Discovery & Delight: 3Ds for Driving Desire

In fashion and retail, Dopamine is the drug of choice.

11 months

Top 10 Most Wanted Internet of Things Skills

A multi-billion-dollar industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer hype. It has witnessed an increase in demand for skilled employees and staff, bringing about seamless functioning to shape the future of IoT.

11 months

E-Commerce Business Setup - Let’s Get it Right

The user experience you offer and the power of business you get with your e-store are the most important ingredients of building a successful e-commerce business. Well a great Ecommerce strategy is a good starting point but the technology that you choose drives the end result. What if you get an e-commerce solution which has features, capability and flexibility to match your business requirements and is comparable to the ones used by e-commerce giants? Will this help you in building a sustainable e-commerce business?

11 months

Eye-tracking: A Technology that will Transform Marketing

Eye-tracking technology can reveal some startling insights that can benefit every business field, especially marketing.

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